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    How can we show minimum respect to those departed souls?

    They were simple people. They were not born with golden spoon in their mouth. They tried to earn a living in foreign countries. So, they went to Iraq to earn. They never criticized anyone-they never talked about any religion. They earned and sent money to their parents and other near and dear ones.

    But they were abducted. They were brutally killed. Why? Because they didn't follow that terrible ideology. They were killed and their bodies were dumped on a hillock. After four long years, the decayed body parts will return to their respective native places.

    The Government has at last found out about their horrible fate. The Parliament has mourned their death by observing silence. But is that enough?

    Can't we ensure that the terrible ideology which has taken thirty-nine innocent lives finds no place in this sacred land? Can't we ensure crushing those dirty hands which hoist the dirty black flag? Can't we put those persons behind the bar who indirectly support this ideology in the name of liberalism?

    Can't we show this much respect to those departed souls?
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    When the citizens of India were horrified with the killings of 39 people in Mosul which was now confirmed and their decayed bodies are reaching the relatives after four years. it is pathetic to see the behaviour of our so called elected representatives in both houses of Parliament , pressing for their demand and not even listening to the speaker or the chairman of the house. We could see on the live telecast as how the leaders were pleaded to sit quiet and observe two minutes silence for those departed souls who have killed by ISIS. Pathetic is the behaviour of the so called MP's and the people of respective constituency have noted their indifference and shall teach the lesson the next election. If the voters are really concerned about the happenings at Mosul, they should not elect those representatives again and that will be the great tribute paid to the departed souls. Damn with such behaviour.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The 'terrible ideology' mentioned by the author has spread like blood cancer in our body and thus has become almost inseparable from the mainstream society. The top executives like the Prime Minister of India and other Ministers have a short working span of only 5 years in one go and therefore find it unwise to waste their tenure in breaking their heads on finding permanent solutions to such problems.

    As usual, the issue of unfortunate death of 39 innocent people will also be publicised and demands for compensation from the Government will be raised. Perhaps only cash compensation and a job to one of the kith or kin is considered as paying a fitting tribute to the departed souls.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Mr. Kailash Kumar: I beg to differ. Providing cash compensation and jobs are not a fitting tribute to those departed souls. Ensuring that this terrible ideology can't enter India would be the most fitting tribute.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Our respects for the departed souls. One country cannot take on the terrible ideology without paying a heavy price. Modern history has examples where in the innocent citizens suffer in retaliation agains such groups.

    Fighting terrorism sounds easy on paper. If we think practically, how are we going to stop someone who does not care about his/her own safety and is prepared to give up his or her own life without thinking twice. This is the opposite of what normal people are saving lives at any cost.

    It requires a great deal of co-operation and understanding between countries. Whenever a single nation has tried to police other places in the world, it has suffered. We just cannot launch an air strike on Mossul and the black flag group. We need to do it with the legal framework with support from other countries who are active in the fight against Global terrorism. When we have an overwhelming force from a united front, then it would be feasible to silence such groups for a longer period of time without much fear of retaliation on home soil.

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    Mr. Natarajan: You are talking about 'legal framework'! What 'legal framework'? Those who kill people who don't subscribe to their terrible belief, who sells women in the open market of Syria and Iraq, can't and shouldn't be dealt with under any legal framework. They must be eliminated. And if anyone supports such terrible ideology under the garb of liberalism, they must also be dealt with similarly.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    This is sad & can't ever be compensated by whatsoever means we intend to.

    The biggest problem in the political arena in our country is that we are still not united & escalating the news in order to gain the sympathy of the commons. No emotions but just for votes as is evident also from the recent turbulence in the parliament proceedings when Ms. Sushma Swaraj was about to brief the things.

    We need to be more active & aware about what is happening around us & this is applicable during election time also.

    Congress & the Left are still moving around in their interest only & not working in favor of India. Even if we try to do then still the leaders of those party won't allow & will issue statements which will go in favor of those working against our country. The President of Congress has become the burden in the Indian Politics. Can't help till these continues to promote themselves here.

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    A pathetic situation and pray for the departed 39 souls to rest in peace.
    In our country, the politics and political leaders will look at each incident on their own and think how it will help to expand their vote bank or how it can reduce the vote bank of others. Really the majority of politicians these days don't have any sympathy for a common and poor man. There is no wonder tomorrow for winning the election may say we have given so much compensation for the families of the victims and what are the other helps they have provided the family memners of the deceased but never talk what are the actions they have taken for not getting repeated or how they have reacted with the country where this incident happened to stop such activities.

    always confident

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    We must ask the Government not to wait for the Levant to come to India. Please nab all the stone-pelters who hoist the abhorring black flag of Levant. Please give the Army a free hand to write their fate, make the families of the terrorists face the dire consequences.

    Let's go the Russian/Israeli way. Let's take affirmative action to stop the destruction of the culture and civilization of this great nation by the terrorists and their liberal-secular sympathizers.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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