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    A separate section for Competitions and contests in ISC

    Like jobs, schools, colleges and courses, why not ISC has a separate section for competitions and contests? Across the country, many schools, colleges and even business organizations conduct different competitions. Since ISC is an educational website, I request Webmaster and team to create a separate section to post details about these contests. It will benefit Students and parents to know the opportunities in the form of competition. There are competitions conducted for all categories of people.

    Many have talents, let ISC show them a right platform to get recognized.
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    Nice suggestion from the author and it is worth to implement at ISC as it is the big platform for the students to cast their talent and ability in big way. Hope the suggestion be implemented.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Srimathi, the ISC announcements category in the forum section is specifically for that purpose only. You can find all announcements including contests and winners under that category. Please confirm whether this section satisfies your suggestion.
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    Saji sir, seems that my title brought in a confusion. But I made it clear in my description. I request for a section that gives information on competitions and contests conducted by non ISCians like inter college competitions, inter school competitions, arts and literature competitions conducted by publications and other business organizations etc.

    ISC announcements section is dedicated for the contests conducted for ISC members.
    Also it is a section for webmaster, ME, LE and other editors to convey their new rules, policies and contests to ISCians.

    Else, is it OK to post the external contest details in ISC announcements section?

    Sri Vetri
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    Okay, I got your point now. Since your suggestion would require providing of external links, I am not sure whether the same would be allowed. Anyway, I am putting this up to the admin for consideration and necessary action if any. Please wait for a suitable response.
    'Any fool can know. The point is to understand."- Albert Einstein

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    Thank you sir.
    Also a kind reminder, I already requested for a section/link, that provides easy accessibility to photo section.

    Sri Vetri
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    Details about contests & competitions in educational institutions can be submitted in our articles section - Resources >> News /Announcements >> Campus News. There are other categories also, where articles can be posted as per their relevance to the category, namely (i) Resources >> News / Announcements >>Educational News; and (ii) Resources >> News / Announcements >>Conference and Symposium, if it is something, say, related to a symposium which would be useful for career guidance.

    I personally feel that these would suffice, rather than having a separate section. Nevertheless, the Webmasters have been informed about your suggestion.

    Note that in such articles, we do allow external links to the educational institute, this link having the 'target-blank' HTML tag so that it opens in a separate tab.

    (A reminder has also been sent for an easy-access link to the photos section.)

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    It's a good idea, having read the responses and looking at our main landing page of ISC, we have drop down menus for Exams, Education and More. We do not have a drop down menu for Articles.

    Would it be easier to have a drop down menu for the article icon on the blue bar and add Competitions and Contest categories also. This would have more visibility and more easily accessible than the present one.

    For instance to access this, I have to click on articles, wait for page to change and then click one mor elink of news/annoucements and then click on exams announcements and educational news.

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    Thank you Vandana Mam.
    Sri Vetri
    Spread Positivism

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