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    When did you spot a house-sparrow last?

    March 20 is observed as World Sparrow Day. Since yesterday the media is abuzz with reports about the significance and importance of the house sparrow. Watching such coverage in the media took me to my childhood days when I used to hear the chirping of the sparrow in my courtyard and watch them play hopping here and there. We used to spot their nests and see female house sparrow feeding her fledgling (baby bird).

    The house sparrow was once the most common bird in the world. However, since past few years, the population of this bird is on the decline due to environmental degradation.

    When did you spot a house-sparrow last?
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    Last month, when I vacated my home from city to village , I could see a sparrow constructing a nest over a tube light frame of my city house. Sparrows are still there. In my village too I could see sparrows attacking my house's mirror like glass pans.
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    I agree with the author that in the last some year the population of the sparrow has decreasing due to environmental changes. In my locality once there was no sparrow and we hardly saw a couple of sparrows. Five years ago Bohra community started a programme save sparrow, save the environment. I have also written an article on the same topic save sparrow, save the environment . Now, I see sparrow daily in my locality and almost every house of Bohra community has specially designed water and food grain feeder for the sparrow.
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    During my childhood, crow and sparrow were the most common birds in the cities. Even in Delhi, I used to see sparrow till early 2000. But now house sparrow has become very rare. Many experts opine that the increase in mobile towers is directly responsible for the lesser number of sparrows.
    I last saw two sparrows last Sunday. I noted these two sparrows in front of a neighbour's home. As sighting of sparrow has become very rare, I remembered the day when I saw this bird last.

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    I see them once a month when I move a little away from the city and enter a residential neighborhood that has many shrubs and fruit bearing trees. I mentioned about world sparrow day in one the replies for This thread.

    It is unfortunate that a delicate bird, like sparrow is also becoming a victim of man's progress in the concrete jungles of the large metros. Many nature lovers consider sparrows as an indicator of environmental health and the changed ecosystem in the urban areas.

    Sparrows were declared as the state bird of Delhi a few years back. India postage also issued a stamp minisheet in 2010 that features the sparrows feeding at a home with a nest next to the windows.

    All this is done to highlight the poor fate of the sparrow and increase awareness among the public. These birds should be brought back to our gardens by keeping out some water, grains/bird feed.once a few pairs start to nest. House sparrows mate for life.

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    Though the number of sparrows and crows has declined considerably due to surge of the mobile towers carrying high voltage - transmission and its radiation - effect has a telling effect on the existence of these tiny birds.
    Prior to 1995, when the mobiles were not in vogue to the present level, there were enough crows and sparrows chirping here and there with their never ending tones and we were rather accustomed to such tunes. Now talking about the pollution having diverse sources such as sound, electricity such as high voltage transmission, dust pollution, radioactive pollution etc - all these have significantly impacted human - health as well. There is a burgeoning task before the scientist to tackle this unmanageable issue so that there will be existence and growth of all the living- creatures.

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    I see a sparrow very frequently in my house. There are a few trees in front of my house and back side also. So some sparrows keep visiting the trees early in the morning. But maximum 2 or 3 only will visit my house. But no crows are visible in this city. Very very rarely I find crows here.
    But When I go to my native place and go on walking on the canal side I see many sparrows and crows flying.It is very good to observe these sparrows flying together in that village areas where you find plenty of trees and paddy fields.
    Slowly the numbers are coming down and how to protect these species is to be studied by the government.

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    Since I have sold my house two months back, I am not spotting the house sparrow in the new place where I reside which is also full of greenery. But in old places even Peacocks would be seen.
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    I have seen sparrow 3 days back near my house. Yes I agree the number of sparrows is getting down.

    Before in my childhood I use to see so many sparrows near our house, but now I can hardly see 1 or 2 sparrows. I like these tiny sparrows so much and my daughter also love to watch them by standing in balcony while eating.


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    Attaching a photo of a sparrow peaking my window's coloured glass from outside. I clicked the photo few minutes back.
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