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    What is the reason for friendly Shivsena and BJP leaders developing grudges with each other?

    From a very long back Shivsena and BJP are ideologically related allied partners in politics. After 2014 General elections bothe the parties are quarrelling with each other on all issues but still clinging to each other in politics. But Shiva Sena in their official News Paper 'Samna' writing against BJP like a major opponent party for it. When TDP left NDA alliance Shiva Sena felt very happy and announced they also do the same after some time. Through their news paper they announced that BJP is playing a dictator role in the alliance and that is the reason why slowly one by one partners leaving the front. Already they announced Shiva Sena don't tie with BJP in 2019 elections. They criticizing Modi's policies along with other opposition parties. In such situation why BJP still holding on Shivsena as a very friendly partner? What are the reasons for this bitter grudges between these two allies?
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    Shiv Sena is a narrow minded regional political party with limited and myopic vision. Generally the regional parties work at state level with an eye on the position of the Chief Minister of the state concerned. However, Shiv Sena is a local party which works for the position of mayor and corporators of the the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai or Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC).

    Thus there is no comparison between BJP which is a national party and Shiv Sena which is a local party.

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    There is no doubt that both the parties are friends for long as Parties. But these parties will have their leaders. These leaders will have their own likes and dislikes. Probably the present Siva Sena top bosses are not happy with the top bosses of BJP. Actually, this rift started after 2014 elections when the BJP government has not accepted the number minister posts Siva Sena was asking for his party. They refused the Minister posts in Modi Government. Siva Sena is very little known in many states of India and only in Maharastra, we hear about this party. That may be the reason the BJP is not worried much about that issue. Siva Sena is saying that Chandrababu has done a good thing by coming out of NDA but they are not ready to support the no-confidence motion. The reasons are best known to them only.
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    If you look back to the beginning, they needed each other to stay in the political limelight and for each others progress. But once BJP reached power, there seem to be a unspoken rift slowly beginning to become wider between the BJP and ShivSena. No one with a hard liner attitude and policies can survive in the national platform. The name tag of extreme ideologies are difficult to get rid off. We still refer BJP as a saffron party.

    I think both would be happy to part ways but Shivasena would be nursing a grudge because, it would feel right to say that BJP would not have had its success but for the hand of Shivasena.

    The party cadre and its leadership will now use every opportunity to criticize BJP (at the state and the center) because it feels let down in the old partnership. Now,Shivasena would focus on wining seats in the state elections and once an alliance becomes inevitable, then history would repeat again. This is the norm in politics.

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    When Atal Bihari Vajpayeee and later Lal Krishna Advani were in the seat of powers, the RSS was very closed and even Shiv Sena was calling the shots. After Modi came to the central politics and having elevated to the post of PM, there was uneasy calm in the Advani faction and thus his group was distancing from the present government and even criticising the policies. Same is the case with the Shiv Sena. After the death of the party Supremo Bala Saheb Thackrey, the Shiv Sens split into two and each have their own say against or for BJP in some matter. This is the main reason for their parting.
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