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    Only perfect practice can make one perfect

    We often hear the quote - practice makes one perfect". However, only perfect practice makes one perfect there is no otherwise. Anything, from study to our work, we have different practical job. We learn it by practising. But, what if one mistakenly does wrong practice?

    Yes, here I am talking about learning a musical instrument. Take any instrument, whether guitar, keyboard, harmonium or anything. If a learner does wrong practice, he/she may never get perfect. It will be total waste of time. There are so many thing to keep in mind when you are learning musical instrument. Finger placing, timing, mind and hand ordinate. If one start practicing with wrong finger placing on any musical instrument. Wrong timing while playing. The hardwork will never pay.

    So, no matter what you do, only a perfect practice can make you the "perfect".
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    Most importantly, we can't ever be perfect but for sure we have the capability to improve ourselves. I am saying so because we are a human being & with this we got limitations also. It is evident that few worked on their limitations, improved & became famous. As the author is interest in the music so I want to mention here the name of Tansen. It is said that that he was so much skilled that he even capable of generating fire or rain through his musical act.

    If the same was evident in his times then could have only been possible with lots of practice & the hardworking & in the proper way.

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    It is true that a correct practice only will make you perfect in that particular area. If you practice cycling perfectly you will become a perfect cyclist. Later on your practice cycling by holding the handle with only one hand then you will become perfect in that. So when we do the practice first we should know what is the correct way of doing it. Then go on doing it as per the way you learnt. Then you will become perfect. Once you are perfect in that, you can start thinking about developing the art. With your knowledge and perfection, you may be able to amend the way so that it will become better and again you have to practice it till you become perfect. Nothing is perfect in this world and always there is a chance for improvement and we always should try for the developments and improvements but only after becoming perfect in the existing version.
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    The word 'practice' in the proverb 'practice makes one perfect' means 'perfect practice' only. However, it is true that imperfect practice cannot make one perfect.

    Before starting practicing, one should first learn the basics from a teacher or guru though there are examples of persons like Eklavya also who learnt as well as practiced also on their own.

    Be it playing musical intruments, doing yoga or dancing, one has to first learn it and only after that start practicing with due sincerity and devotion with an aim of tredging on the path towards perfection though nobody can become perfect in anything .

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Very correct saying, there are ways of learning, as you said, in learning an instrument or even learning dancing, we need to follow the right approach to learn in an appropriate manner. Perfection is attained with continuity and following the right way of learning. There is no definition of being perfect, it is how we achieve it.
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    Yes for those who have the passion for music and has the ability to play, must have the clear mind, be physically and mentally present at the concert and also the timing as suggested by the author is most important. In one of the music contest, I have seen loud back ground music was played and the lyrics of the singer was not audible and cannot be followed by the audience. That irritated the singer and he even gave the indication to the BGM team to slow down. Normally when the sound system is not good and when the concert is done in open auditorium, the sound would be more and the audience would be bored.
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    Yes, I agree with the author that perfect practice makes a man perfect. sometimes it happens when we practice wrong we can find out within some time that something goes wrong and we can correct the practice accordingly.
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