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    How to choose a doctor for consultation?

    All of us being humans, require consultations with doctors from time to time. It may be simple cough and fever to requirement of medicines regularly due to chronic conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure or arthritis. In villages and small towns where only a handful of doctors practice, there is not much choice. So people consult the available doctor. However in comparatively bigger cities, a number of doctors practice and one has to choose one among many for consultation. On asking somebody known to us, obviously they will recommend their own doctors irrespective of merits of the case.

    How to choose a doctor for consultation?
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    Although today is the age of specialization in the medical field, I firmly believe that at the first instance, we must visit a general medical practitioner. If he refers the patient to any specialist, in that case, we should visit a specialist, preferably working in a hospital.
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    It is difficult to narrow down the choice of doctor when we are spoilt for choice. In Mnay cities, corporate hospitals have mushroomed up like restruants in a locality. There will be many competitors viving for a limited number of patients.

    This thread is also about whom to see for what. The best practical option that works out well is to have a reliable and trustworthy general practitioner. Once you interact with a particular doctor regularly, you get an idea about them. Then he or she will assess and then manage or direct you to a specialist. Once you have a couple of names, they you can check out further.

    If you have spare time, you can check the details of the doctor and hospital available on the internet. Check their 'relevant qualifications' and the work experience. The you can look at the feedback given by patients. Although not fool proof, this is a good start.

    Some people just google what they need, for instance 'cancer specailist' and then pick the first few choices given by the Search engines that can be tweeked.

    'Word of mouth' is a traditional but still valuable guide about a doctor, when you talk to people. lastly, if you are not comfortable, have a second opinion before you jump into an major decision.

    Some more relevant information can be found in How to get the best out of a medical consultation.

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    Normally when a doctor is good and his lucky to heel big ailments with reasonable cost and free medicine, people would queue to him. By word of mouth such doctors get famous without no time. Our family doctor hardly charges 50 rupees per consultation and many a times free also. He gives the sample medicines got from the companies for free and thus we may not incur expenses at all. But not with all disease. Some times he has to charge for the saline and other services due to dehydration and injecting glucose to the patient. Nevertheless selecting a doctor depends on his heeling power.
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    Even though many doctors with different specialisations are available in cities, every family will have a family doctor nearby in his locality. He will be generally, know the condition of all our family members. He will be aware of our general medical history of our family members. It is better to consult him first and discuss with him the problem and based on his advise we should proceed further. For me, I have a doctor friend in our locality near our house and he is an MD in general medicine. For any problem, we will visit him first and then we act as per his advise. But as per the God grace so far we have not had any serious problems.
    I suggest all go first to a general physician and then take further course of action ad advised by him. Otherwise, we have to enquire with our known circles to get information about the best specialist available for the problem we are facing.

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    A doctor gets his credit by the mouth publicity of the patients who visit him for the consultation. Normally we tend to visit doctors only when the problem exceeds. If we are consulting a doctor for years, it is better to follow that doctor itself for a lifetime. In villages or in rural areas the service of the doctor is not available, so they tend to visit a person who is giving medication to natural treatments. We can only able to see few doctors who are really committed and dedicated to their work.
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    There are many doctors available in big cities and it is not easy to choose the best out of the lot.

    Still, there are some basic considerations which help us in this. The first and foremost is whether the doctor is a general physician or specialist. If the ailment is simple it is always better to visit the general physician. These doctors are treating a number of patients daily just based on clinical diagnosis and are very experienced in prescribing medicines without any advanced of special tests.

    If the patient is serious and suffering then it is advisable to go to a specialist by getting reference from a general physician as they know many good specialists in their area.

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    Generally, we should consult our family physician. He knows well our medical history very well and if necessary he will refer you to the specialist. I have observed this thing. My family physician has always guided me very well and I am satisfied with him.
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    In case an individual lives in the same city forever, then he/she can have family doctor type of general physician but nowadays many persons move to other cities for jobs and few of them get transferred also after every 2-3 years to a new city. Such persons have to find a doctor afresh without having the luxury of consulting the friendly neighbourhood doctor.
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    If we do need someone nearby then the good place is to ask the locality wherein we are moved to. For more better understanding go for 5-10 persons asking the same. If in case the money also matters then possibly we need to look out in the nearby places as well.

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