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    Commercialisation Of Medicinal Consultancies.

    Recently while sleeping I felt a immense pain in my right shoulder which I possibly came to know that the same got dislocated. This could be the result of some extra pressure exerted while I was still asleep. During day time when the pain was still there I asked one of my friend in another accommodation to help reaching the nearby hospital.

    While in the hospital, I observed the bitter truth of the commercilisation which is having the priority above the patients. Initially I was asked to pay for the registrationn fee there. After that & initially when I met the doctor I was sent for X-Ray wherein I had to pay for the X-rays fee. After examining the X-Ray the doctor had asked me to deposit the money for treatment. It was heardly a matter of time that with the help of other subordinates the joint were positioned. After this another X-Ray with the fee to make sure that nothing is wrong were charged.

    During this whole I was in immense pain moving from one room to another room. Thank God that I had enough means to settle this or else the experience would have been even worse. Even if I make an objection to this but on the overall we just can't help. I can't imagine the scenario wherein I wasn't capable for this all. But we got many who looking for treatment but can't justify their position & suffer for long.
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    I think the basic reason of commercialisation of medical practice is commercialization of medical education itself. There is huge demand for medical education though the number of seats in government medical colleges is limited and because of such reasons admission in government medical colleges with comparatively affordable free structure has become fiercely competitive against the seats left for general category students after separating the reserved category posts. Therefore, private medical colleges are offering medical education only to those who can afford to pay capitation free for admission followed by regular fee at much higher rate.

    The heirs of successful doctors slated to inherit large successful private hospitals and nursing homes require a medical degree for continuing the medical business. In such cases the doctor parents pay any fee demanded by the private medical colleges for authorising their children to sign either of medical prescription or death certificate.

    The above scenario has resulted in total commercialisation of medical profession.

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    I too agree with the author that the medical profession has become more business oriented, and a patient is seen as the customer for the hospital and way , means are explored to peel much from our pocket and get benefited. If we happen to come through the referral, then there is no bound for them to include all the kinds of treatment and raise false bill for more claim so that bribes has to be paid at different levels. CGHS, ESI and other government referrals are giving much chance to the private hospitals to loot in day time. Why the government is not setting up all in one roof service so that every patient gets all treatment and diagnostics either free or reasonable rate under one roof. There seems to be a lobby working for the private hospitals at the health Ministry so that all their demands are met and the government wont take any actions even on inflated bills.
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    Once upon a time, people used to think a doctor is almost near to God. God is giving life and the doctor is providing health to us. But slowly the trend is changed. Like corporate colleges in education, corporate hospitals for medical care have started ruling the society. These hospitals are more concerned about collecting money from the patient than taking care of his health. The doctors in the corporate hospitals will be paid huge amounts but they have to fulfil their target of collection. So these doctors will try to make as many tests as possible. Finally, sometimes it appears as if they are using axe where only our nail is sufficient for the work. Ultimately for all these actions, the victim is the patient who has to pay the penalty.
    Another aspect in this is the expenditure one is incurring in getting their degrees and how to recover the spend money for the degree.

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