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    After each exam, should the students report back to school or college or simply go back home ?

    This is the exam time across the country and the students of 10th, SSC, Intermediate and other board exams are going through the exams process. Normally the students would get the center far away from the residence and school and thus they would prefer to reach back the home after finishing exams. But the school and college management are ensuring and asking the students to report back to them so that they can evaluate the exams written and also give some useful tips for the next exams. Is it good to review at the school or college and come back to home ?
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    I think it is a waste of time. These days there will be a day off between two examinations. So after the examination, the student can go home and study in the house and next day morning they can go to the college if there are any doubts to clarify. But these corporate colleges started these practices to see that their students will give maximum time and efforts before the exam. But how far it is useful I don't know.
    A student should complete his studies well before the examinations start and during the examination just he should refer the subject quickly. Probably the lecturers in the college may be helping the students in getting fresh on the subject.
    This practice may be there in private colleges but not in government schools and colleges, I think.

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    I think it is waste of precious time of the students to report back to the college. Students can evaluate about the answers written in the exam themselves after going to home, by referring text books of they have any doubt.

    Students need to concentrate and prepare for next exams, so visiting college for evalating their answers is totally waste of time. And more over if exam center and college are located far away, students precious time will be wasted for travelling itself. And again they need to travel to their home. Instead students can solve their doubts by calling their teacher or lecturer.

    I had never knew about this practice, may be this practice has been started recent times.


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    My daughter is appearing the XIIth CBSE Exam. Her school doesn't call her after the exam. If the subject-teacher wants to mention some important topics/questions, etc. he/she sends these to the school group via Whatsapp.

    I have never heard any school seeking the presence of examinees in the school after the examination.

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    This trend prevails in Hyderabad. If the school/ college is near the center, students can go but if it is far away need not to go. After exam students should relax and should not touch touch book for at least 4-6 hours otherwise they will have headache.
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    This is the first time, I am hearing about this trend in Hyderabad. I have not seen this trend either in Delhi or in West Bengal. Why do the schools in Hyderabad are indulging in this ridiculous practice? What benefit do the students get from this? I feel they get more exhausted and this causes wastage of time, if the next examination is very near (as in the case of CBSE English and Physics examination this year).
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    With N K Sharma's response at #630585 and also other responses, I think Mr Mohan need to further clarify his thread and say whether it is a general trend or is restricted to some schools or colleges only. Making a general statement based on some personal experience should be avoided as the same can be misguiding.
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