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    Life of Shashikala suits to the great saying Jaise karni waise barni. She has to face challenge

    Ever since the death of former CM Jayalalithaa, the life of her close friend and confidant, Shashikala has become more risky and challenging. She has to face the graft charge, sentenced to four years jail, and now lost her husband. She is now on parole for 15 days bail as she has to do the funeral rituals for her husband. It is really a difficult situation for women to cope the huge responsibilities at home and business and this lady being in jail, only some great courage would make her win. But she never expected that her life would be ruined this way.
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    The result will always depend on your performance. If we are good, reasonable and trust the values in life, our life will definitely be good and rewarding. But if you are the other way round the result will be also the other way round only. Her life is a classic example of this theory. Amassing wealth in any way is not at all the correct way in our life. So I don't have any soft feelings for her. Even there are reports that she has deceived Jayalalitha in her final times of life. So whatever she deserves she is getting. None can stop it. But whether at this stage also she is getting regretted or not for her deeds I don't know. Whatever we do in this life the effect also will come in this life only.
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    Some people don't deserve even to talk about their negatives and hence this phrase is not at applicable in this essence.
    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Though I do not know the politics of Tamilnadu I have read in Newspapers that She is in jail and now I came to know other things by reading this thread. I strongly believe in the quote stated by the author that Jesi Karni, vesi bharni. The holy Quran also says the same thing. If you do a good thing (Even very small and like an atom particle) you will be benefitted and if you do sin (even small like an atom particle) you have to be punished for that. The God is the best justice and gives the best judgement.
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    Missed this thread, this lady's husband has passed away, I would say humbly, let's close this thread, allow her to cope with her grief.

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    The lady has been convicted and she has been spending her time in jail. Her husband has recently left the world. There is nothing much to discuss. The thread may now be locked.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Peraasai Peru Nastam, a good proverb in Tamil. she amazed wealth beyond her imagination, and tried to control and take charge of the good lady JJ. At last, she has committed a grave mistake of going against Jayalalitha and causing death to that old star lady. Now she enjoys the fruit in the jail. Why to discuss about that bad lady in this holy ISC?
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