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    Let us pledge that we will conserve and save water.

    Today is World Water Day. This is celebrated with a view of bringing awareness among the people about the importance fresh water. This is also to propagate hygiene and health aspects. This was initiated by UN in the year 1993. The UN will decide a theme for this day every year. The theme for 2018 is "Nature for Water" to encourage people to "look for the answer in nature".

    We all know the importance of water in our life. Like air, water is also very essential and without water there can be no life on earth. These days many people have to walk kilometres together to get a pot of water. In some places, the wastage is on a very higher side. Let us all take a pledge that we will conserve and save water and keep our Earth a suitable for human beings to live.
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    This is the most important pledge each one of us to take. Do not waste water, conserve it. There is no way to replace it. Though more than two third of the earth' s surface is covered with water, usable water source is getting reduced.
    Our way of life is highly.polluting the earth's surface which make the availability of pure water scarce. Industrialisation is creating lot of problems. The indusindustries come up in the place where water was collected during the rain. Whatever water sheds are available the industrial waste pollutes it. The ponds are filled and converted into housing plots. Cities come up every where and the wastes produced there are scattered polluting the whole area as well as the water pools. Rivers, through which pollution less water is flowing are blocked with dams. Further sand mining also affect the availability of water. Thus most our programmes towards 'development' are negatively contributing to the availability of potable water.


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    No discussion about water on this planet earth can be complete without a reference of 'Ganga Jal' or holy sacred water of Ganges, the river having a status of a Goddess in India. No Hindu ritual or pooja, from birth to death, is considered perfect and complete without holy drops of Gangajal. But now Gangajal has become filth primarily due to increase in population. Billions of liters of untreated sewage is disposed off in this river from 27 cities located on its bank.

    The above is a typical eye opener example of the scenario as to up to what extent the situation has changed about water. The worsening water scarcity is primarily due to factors related to the increase in human population such as industrialization, irrigation, domestic use, etc. People in developed countries generally use about 10 times more water daily than those in developing countries. Water scarcity in developing countries is also caused due to lack of funds for investing in infrastructure or technology to draw water from rivers, aquifers or other water sources.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    It is of paramount importance for each individual to save water, to avoid wasting water, the Governments too should do everything to safeguard the underground water tables.

    Come summer, we hear of harsh real life stories of how people struggle to get one pot of drinking water. But the same water is wasted by houses using water jets to wash cars/vehicles, people leaving the taps open at full speed while brushing, shaving, washing vessels etc.

    On the streets, we see the commercial water tankers that leak water (from faulty pipes and top lids), all along the roads until it reaches the destination. A couple of years back, water had to be transported by train to Latur during droughts.

    I hope this summer is not too harsh on the humans and the animals/wildlife in the forests too.

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    Pledge or not, we have to act immediately in whatever way possible to save water.

    To answer to our own conscience, rather than to others, let us keep a diary or a reminder note as to what to do or what is done now,today, tomorrow. Looking at it every day will help us to achieve our aims. By and by it will become a habit.

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    It is well acknowledged that water consists of 70% of the Earth but surprisingly only 1% is easily accessible to us. With this we can't deny of the fact that water remains such a necessary resource for life on Earth, & finding ways in order to reduce the water footprint is a great way to take action. In one way the water conservation can be simple & easy as this could be part at our home too. Whether ae are doing laundry, washing the dishes, brushing your teeth, or watering your plants, there are several strategies that will help you save water. Like if not in use we can keep the tap closed.

    To be noted that increase in the population and reduction of greeneries provides a threat to more shortages to the resources. Already proven that the greeneries attract the rain means & in case we have less trees then the same will lead to lesser rains will further effect the farming also.

    Considering all these, that someone has made a prediction that the next world war will be fought for water, can't be denied.

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    Not only we have to prevent wastage of water, I think that we have to develop a cost-effective technology to convert saline sea-water to potable water. That is the only way to prevent Third World War (for water). We have to adopt the technology already being used by Israel for this purpose and further improve upon it.
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    It is the necessity of future to save and conserve the water. We live on the earth which is called the blue planet due to more than 80 of water but there is a shortage of drinking water. It is said that in the future the third world war will begin due to water. If you want to give the most important gift to next generation, it would be water. So use this natural resource wisely and do not waste it. Try to save and conserve water as much as you can.
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    We should always stop wasting water and to the possible extent we should close the water tap finding going waste in streets. I found in our factory the toilet taps were wasting water on one morning in the opening hours. I and my senior observed the reason that the toilet taps opened in the overtime hours and as they found water not coming but once the motor on on the next day all tap are with running water easterly. So,by discussing with the project manager we changed all taps into push and pull type.

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    Every citizen is duty bound to save and conserve the water. Come summer we come to know the importance of water. But what bothers me much that during rainy season, the God is so great to give us the copious rain water but we wont have the sense to conserve it, instead the precious rain water flows into storm water drain. Though the government and civic authorities have been suggesting rain harvesting pits in every home, we wont bother with that advise. And as a result many homes go dry without water during summer and they have to depend on tanker water by paying hefty price. So save water today for tomorrows use. And in some homes the water pipes are not maintained as there would be leaks for ever which results in more wastage of water for nothing. So we are denying water to others by wasting the water from our side. At least from today we must use the water judiciously and pave way for saving it for future.
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