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    Hyderabad The best city to live in India.

    An Organisation Called Mercer conducted world wise survey to decide about the best places to have the best quality living. For the fourth consecutive year, Hyderabad is declared as the best city to live in India and this year it is sharing these honors with Pune. Both the cities are in first place.The announcement given by the Organisation is available on their website and the news is published in today's newspapers. Hyderabad is found to be a place with less number of crimes and good atmosphere to live. In world ranking, Hyderabad is in 142nd place. In maintaining cleanliness Bangalore has gained the first place. Good to share the joy with all ISC members as I stay in this Hyderabad city.
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    Dr. Rao,
    You said it and we agree to it. Hyderabad is the best city to live in India. What would happen if we all Indians prefer to move on and home on to Hyderabad to live in and lead a good life? Will Hyderabad remain Hyderabad. Can Hyderabad provide employment to all who wish to live in Hyderabad?

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    Mr SUN, In such case in the next year survey another city, will be declared as the best city and you all can shift to that place for your convenience.
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    The reason probably for having adjudged Hyderabad as the best city in India that the climate would be bearable to all and there wont be sultry as compared to other metro cities. The rental accommodation is also reasonable and even a middle class earning person can live happily here. Above all one can have the cheapest food. In the morning one can have the break fast for just 10 rupees for 5 idlis which is enough to pull on. In the afternoon the state government is providing mid day meal at five rupees plate, which is good and tastier. Only one has to spend for the dinner. Hence Hyderabad is great peaceful city.
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    Total seven Indian cities were surveyed by Mercer and the following is the ranking they got -

    1. Hyderabad and Pune -142
    2. Bengaluru -149
    3. Chennai -151
    4. Mumbai- 154
    5. Kolkata -160
    6. New Delhi -162

    Vienna topped the list of 450 cities around the world whereas in Asia, Singapore topped the list.

    Though it is a matter of pride for the residents of Hyderabad but consider the position 142 in 450 cities.

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    What I suggest that if the members of ISC are having any doubts about this claim. please do visit the city once for a while and find out the reality. One may not believe the findings of surveys. let themselves know the reality of life by living in Hyderabad for a while.
    K Mohan
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    I do know that Hyderabad has been rapidly developing and there are many business and employment opportunities in the city. My wife visited the city last year. She also opines the same. Hyderabadi food is excellent for non-vegetarians like us. People are friendly and helping.

    However, the condition of the old city is not proper (don't want to elaborate further). The newcomers should try to avoid this area for residential purpose. Further the summer of the city is a little bit harsh, however, people from Delhi, Rajasthan, Haryana, etc. can easily manage in Hyderabad.

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    Does air pollution and traffic congestion figure in the list of the assessing criteria? If, yes, then we wouldn't figure in these global ratings. Glad to hear that a few Indian cities are listed in the Global list with Hyderabad topping the list. Bangalore and Delhi would lose out because of the higher crime rates among the Indian cities.

    But being true Indians, What would be the qualities that would make a city likable by all of us? Safe for women, elders and children, good green pockets, decent health care units, affordable housing, good traffic and civic infrastructure. A better quality with respect to air, water and noise pollution.

    To me, a best city would be one wherein the common man does not need to face hardships in going about his daily life ( I'm not referring to his earning or job).

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    Hyderabad is one of the good city with rich culture. When compared to other Metropolitan cities the cost of living is reasonable. Hyderabad is one of the top most place in employment generation through big and small IT firms. Even today also A.P. young generation who specializes in IT studies have to depend on Hyderabad for getting jobs in Private IT firms. IT job generation potential is high in Hyderabad. Long long back more people have shifted to Hyderabad from present A.P. region for the simple reason of getting some good jobs. The only disadvantage I found with Hyderabad is, to move from one area to other area of city by auto, City service, Taxi service costs more as well as consume our valuable time. Even though Metro Rail services are came into force this facility is not convenient to all places and also it is costing more what people are saying in general.

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    Hyderabad is a good city but not the best place for everyone. Traffic conditions are horrible. In high tech city area heavy traffic jams is there. NH_9 full of traffic during morning to late night. At many places ground water is polluted. Property rates is very high and increasing very fast. I buy 2 idly for 30 rupees. Mr. Mohan wrote 5 idly in 10 rupees, i do not know such shops. Theft cases and drunk and drive cases are at high end. Land mafia and land issues are at a quite number. Mosquito menace is unbearable. I do not understand what are those parameters which makes a city most desirable.
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