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    How do feel about negative creativity?

    Do you support creative advertisements and marketing ploys which are indirectly negative? Is it Ok to have such type of so-called creativity just to sell a product or a service?

    Today I have seen an advertisement tagline at a bus stop in Tamil which says the bus may return but dandruff may not return if you use our product. I could not enjoy this tagline because I feel that whatever we compare it should be of positive impact; here, the returning bus is obvious and it should be there, otherwise, there will be a transportation problem. I do not know how the creativity has gone down to compare anything like this.

    Even in many social portals, nowadays, negative creativity is more compared to nice creativity and what I refer to is that most memes are going viral with a photograph or videos mostly with negativity. Even in a death, people wanted to create something and spreading it to make it viral, which is why I feel that the creativity has gone down to the bottom level.

    Members what is your opinion and share different creativity which has created a negative impression on you.
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    With reference to a death being used as a marketing gimmick to sell a product and thus being a form of negative creativity: This was very much seen when a Bollywood star recently passed away. On FB somebody mentioned (with an image of the product attached) how there was a totally crass advertisement for walk-in bathtubs with the tagline of how with such a facility one would not drown. Disgusting and so insensitive!

    I think a negative tagline can be used effectively if it is for a good cause - such as advertisements which indicate that you will get oral cancer and the possibility of dying and leaving your family distressed if you continue smoking. Such ads are predicting death to create a good impact, namely trying to make you take up the positive step of stopping a bad, lethal habit.

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    Companies now a day tend to sell their products only to increase their sales and revenue. They are committed to values in the society. A person who dies without any problem will have their have issues. We don't need to mention it on social media sites which creates a negativity among the people. Recently a man fell down from a lodge at Kochi, and all the people were busy taking pictures and photos of that person and sharing on social media sites. Only an advocate which came that way saved the life of that person. Social media sites must be used only for need and not be misused for other purposes.
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    India is not new to distasteful and negative ad's. From men's undergarments to perfumes to sanitary napkins, the disrespect for women, culture and a society as a whole is evident. Advertisement's by beauty products are also discriminating where people who have a fair complexion is considered beautiful or handsome.

    There are even advertisements that discriminate people who are a bit short, or thin build and even parents of little kids are not left out, where the advertisers claim that if a parent doesn't buy one particular toy or breakfast cereal for their child, they do not love or care for their children. These advertisements are cleverly made in such a way that at the first glance we do not understand the social impact that it is creating.

    Big organizations often boast about the amount of money they spent on CSR activities and the number of people they help. They never take into consideration the amount of damage they are putting on the society because of their tasteless advertisements.

    Lets all try to create a better tomorrow for India.

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    These days in any business the bottom line is very important. Getting more profit is the ultimate of all the businesses. There is no thinking of the path we are following. No ethics are followed.
    The advertisements never see the connectivity between the products and the matter they are showing. There should be some link between the issues. Whether it is negative or positive, the advertisement should bring in the facts correctly. But it will never happen in any of the adds these days.
    If you do this you will get killed. Telling this is not a negative advertisement. It is to bring in the awareness among the people. For example, the police in Hyderabad are showing a video to the people whom they caught hold of in drink and drive case. In that, they say if you drink and drive you will meet with accident and chances of death are also there. This can't be considered as a negative add. But it informs the facts and makes the person aware of the after effects.

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    It is more like a punch dialogue or a rhyming phrase that does not reflect creativity but arouses curiosity and many times leaves a bad taste.
    I saw an ad for exchange of old cookware, wherein a couple read the offer with a smile on their faces, the wife is dreaming of a new cooker and the husband in dreaming of a new wife. This is cheeky but projects people in a wrong way. Similarly there are many ads that have negativity or a very negative message.

    I would like such negative messages when we are advertsing a campanign against alchol, smoking or AIDS etc, but not for common things. There are some inner wear ads that speak nothing of the innerwear but only about the attributes of the model, this is again a negative use of the human body.

    I think, the creative team should try out newer ads and seek views and reactions of a cross section of public before fully using it. With regards to using dead people or public figures this would portray the product in such bad light that it would adversely impact the sales of the particular product.

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    Let us examine the issue of negative canvassing from a different angle. The unscrupulous greedy doctors who own private hospitals / nursing homes often exploit patients and their family members by scaring them about death and prompt them to go for unnecessary surgical operations solely for inflating their bills. The very high percentage of c-section deliveries in India is a typical example in this regard.
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    Yes, I agree with the author that creativity has gone down to its bottom level. There is no creativity I think people are more interested to copy the other things. As far as advertisement is concerned, there are such many advertisements, where we can see this type of negative creativity.
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    All the responses are mostly linked to the negative advertisement. How about social media negativity in their creativity.

    Recently there is a song went viral and after that, there are many videos went viral either connecting the song positively or negatively with other greater personalities, other songs etc., These are all just to get views and then lead to money.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    Advertisements are supposed to catch the attention of the viewers/ listeners. It is true that there are negative traits in the business but catching the attention is all that they care for. Take the example of the advertisement brought in by the author. She noticed it only because of its negative tendency and that is what the advertisers want. Creativity can be positive or negative; the specific aim is to attract attention. We need not be morally worried; we just need to be practical. Just trace back the ads by Colgate and you will understand the difference.
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    How about social media negativity in their creativity.?

    Here again, negativity helps in attracting the viewer's eye and attention and hence the number of clicks, views and forwards. Such negativity is okay as long as it is for a good social cause or in national interests. But social media negativity related to a particular religion, caste or an individual should be shunned.

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