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There was an intense debate on our GD topic of Euthanasia. Time to announce the winning participants!
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    Passive/Active Euthanasia GD winners

    We had an interesting active GD on the topic of Euthanasia. There was an intense GD, too, among the judges to decide the winners!

    This is the final merit list of winning participants, who will each receive Rs.150/- as cash awards:
    1. Jeet Singh
    2. Ramakrishna Kambhampati
    3. Joyshree
    4. Sushma Mewundi
    5. Aditya Mohan

    Let's cheer the winners! Other eligible participants will also be given points & cc in their responses in the GD thread.

    A few points to note: When you drop in to participate, you should continue to be an active participant. What we find is that quite often a member will bring up a really interesting point and then sort of just abandon the GD! Maybe you do not wish to participate until the very end, but we feel you could at least be present for 3 of the 4 days of which the GD is generally kept open. Taking this GD for example - K Mohan - you did bring in a different perspective to the topic & it was good to see you participating in a GD, but it is unfortunate that you did not sustain the momentum of the points you brought up. You have the potential to be a good debater!

    Secondly, it is a good idea to bring in some new angles and not merely take up for discussion what other participants have stated. It adds an interesting touch, so to say, to an active GD to throw in a spanner and sort of unsettle other participants!!
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    Congratulations to the winners in active GD. The whole discussion went well and many members participated with their good contributions and the winners are the best among the participants. I wish winners will continue their good work and win many more such awards in the coming days.
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    Congrats to all the winners who participated in this G.D. Most of the members participated and it was more engaging one with different views. I wish we can see more group debates coming up in the future.
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    My hearty congrats to Jeet Singh, Ramakrishna, Joyshree, Sushma and Aditya for winning the Active GD. Welll done Members, Keep up your discussing ability.
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    An excellent GD we had, Congratulations to all the winners and the participants of this debate.

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    The topic of the GD was excellent. The performance of the participants was brilliant. My congratulations to Mr. Jeet Singh, Mr. Ramakrishna Kambhampati, Ms. Joyshree, Ms. Sushma and Mr. Aditya Mohan for winning the GD. My appreciations to the Managing Editor for declaring the result very quickly.
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    Congrats to Jeet Singh, Ramakrishna, Joyshree, Sushma, Aditya for winning the passive /active Ethunasia and thanks to ME for make a nice comment on my submission.
    K Mohan
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    I congratulate the winning participants.

    I concede that due to certain commitments and engagements I had, I could not concentrate fully on the GD and could not bring out fully what I wanted to bring out.

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    Congratulations to all the winners of GD. I tried to improve myself by participating in the Gd. I hope contests by Isc will help in improving myself. Thanks to Isc.

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    My hearty congratulations to Jeet Singh, Ramakrishna, Joyshree, Sushma and Aditya for winning the Active GD.
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    Congratulations to all the winners of active GD. This was really an interesting GD where the views of members were available for good reading and understanding by other members.
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    My hearty congratulations to Jeet Singh, Ramakrishna Kambhampati, Joyshree, Sushma Mewundi, Aditya Mohan for winning the GD contest. It was one of the best topics to be discussed and there was healthy discussion happened.

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    Congratulations to Mr. Jeet Singh, Mr. Ramakrishna Kambhampati, Ms. Joyshree, Ms. Sushma and Mr. Aditya Mohan for winning the GD on Passive/Active Euthanasia.

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    Congratulations to the winners and the every participants of this GD. I have always liked to participate in GD and this was one of the same. Happy to see my name in winners list. Thank you Admin and members.

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    Congratulations to all the winners! It was the first time that I saw huge participation in a GD since I joined. Kudos to all the participants as well.

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    Many congratulations to all the winning participants of the Active GD! The topic was discussed very well and all the participants had contributed to making the same lively and fruitful.

    The cash rewards and points to the winners have been credited.

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    Hearty congratulations to all the members who have been the winners of the active GD contest.

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    There is one additional point I would like to make: Members should not feel that they missed out on early participation when a good number of responses already came in. You can see, for example, how Jeet Singh came into the GD a day late but still managed to come up with some really good counterpoints and his own points. So whether you come in a day late or even on the last date, you can easily take up the topic and put forth your views. Don't hesitate to drop in any time - you could still be a winner!
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    I wish to congratulate my co-winners in this contest Mr. Jeet Singh, Ms. Joyshree, Ms. Sushma and Mr. Aditya Mohan making the contest lively. I am very happy to be among the winner's list which definitely encourages me to compete in the coming GD's and similar such competitions. I congratulate ISC management to select a good topic for GD in this contest.

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    My heartiest congratulations to all the winners of the contest. The winners and their habits inspire the fellow ISC members to work on their skills.
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    Congratulations to the winners Mr. Jeet Singh, Ms. Joyshree, Ms. Sushma, Ramakrishna and Mr. Aditya Mohan in active GD.
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