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    Why present day youth don't avail self-employment opportunities?

    Unemployment has been a major challenge and a burning political issue in India since time immemorial. Opposition parties always put forth statistical data to ridicule the claims of ruling party regarding creating new avenues of employment.

    However, the hard fact is that in India, there is no dearth of earning opportunities. Not even a single enterprising individual ever remains unemployed. There are umpteen opportunities for self employment like opening small businesses or acquiring skills of electrician, plumber, carpenter, electronic gadgets repairer, motor mechanic etc. We can see that such skilled workers are often earning more than valueless degree holders.

    Youths always wish for a job, preferably in a government organisation. Why present day youth don't avail self-employment opportunities?
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    The main reason for this is lack of confidence in the individuals. Another reason is in self-employment there are no set times and you should be ready work anytime and any moment to earn money. But in a job, it is the other way round. You will have timings and you will have holidays. You will have leaves also. You have a fixed income where is in self-employment you don't have fixed income. The income varies from time to time. For Example in Hyderabad, three years back autos were much in demand and you find many people opting for that profession. But today the situation is entirely different. There is no demand for autos. They are all thinking how to go for a change.
    Another reason is in self-employment in the initial days one has to struggle a lot to establish themselves in the market and prove yourselves. Once one is through, he will have an assured market. It will take time and a lot of efforts for which people are not ready yet.

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    Present day youth are habituated to ready made things and thus may not like to work for self and earn. They do have good knowledge and talent, but they are ready to use the same for others and not for themselves. I have seen some enthusiastic youth who have started lunch preparations and serving them hot in silver foil pack , but they wont continue this good service, as the return on investments were too negligible in the beginning and hence they left. Like wise those who have started curry point have left the self employment in a huff. So what I mean to say that youth does not have patience and hence they cannot do self business.
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    Self-employment is not easy for everyone. It could relate to setting up a business or doing freelancing in any field or profile. There are many reasons for self-employment not being so easy. Self-employment requires a lot of resources, especially financial costings, infrastructure and a lot of efforts. A fresh graduate has good skills, but not those management skills to have their own setup. Getting a job for a span of 6 to 8 years and then having their own setup is much easier as it builds up enough confidence and develops managerial skills in the youth. A self-employment is a nice option but not that easier and flexible per my opinion.
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    Self-employment or entrepreneurship is not very easy. This requires some specific qualities which are not possessed by all and sundry. Furthermore, to start a new venture requires fund and risk-taking capability. So, entrepreneurship is not everybody's cup of tea.

    Having said this, I must also add that I have read about some IIM Graduates, who, instead of joining lucrative positions, have gone back to their native villages and started successful agro-based start-ups. But their numbers are very few. Even if the young men and women possess entrepreneurship qualities, they start new ventures only after five-ten years, when they accumulate adequate funds.

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    Self-employment is not as easy as we think. It requires initial funding, resources and not everyone can manage it. And some people, though capable of starting up a business stop themselves because of lack of confidence. Sometimes, the outcome won't be as expected or the business might be under loss. And to start a business one need to have courage so that the business can run. Even if the business is under loss initial days, without giving up one must work and promote to get some recognition. And not everyone has the courage. And some people cannot start because of their responsibilities. They can't wait for profit and be under loss and should take up a job in private or government sector to cope up the family responsibilities.

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    In a underdeveloped or developing country, most of the things are under Govt sector. Depending upon the population of educated people the Govt jobs are accordingly distributed to them as per merit cum caste or backward background.

    It is only when Govt spread decreases and private companies start coming in the front, the situation changes and jobs become more of skill oriented rather purely academic one.

    It is this phase, where white collar loses its shine and skill based self employment looks up and progresses ahead. Unfortunately we are still struggling in the earlier phase and not coming out of the taboo of not believing in dignity of work.

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