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    What does home mean to us?

    As the day begins, there is a mass exodus of people from home to various places related to their profession, studies and other spheres of life. Most of us spend our day time at work, pursuing education or employment or running errands. By the end of the day, the reverse happens and most of us return home by dusk.

    Some of us take a detour, to have a good drink, to have a dinner with friends or family. Once home, we are the masters in our comfort zone, carefree, relaxed doing what we can until dinner and bedtime.

    Home is a vital part of our lives, some of us spend most of our life time earnings to get the first home or a roof over our heads.

    What is it that's unique about home? What does it mean to you? Just a place to camp for the night, freshen and leave in the morning or more than that.

    Let's have some thoughts coming from our hearts.
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    Home for me is my Kingdom. I have full liberty and I can spend my time happily there. There are no restrictions as long as we know our limits and we can enjoy time with our family members. We need not have full suit and shoe and sit on a chair. We can have a simple dress and sit on the floor. We can relax on the floor.
    It is a place where you know everything and everything is in your control. We can decorate the house as we like and we can judge the beauty of arrangements on our own. Nobody will question our decision.
    It is a place we have people to rely on.we can share our thoughts and problems with the members freely. We may follow or may not follow the suggestion but we will not be questioned.
    Home is a place where our thoughts and methods will be openly criticized or appreciated and debated. It is a place to enjoy the life without spending anything additional for our happiness.

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    Home is the ultimate place to live, to enjoy, to crack jokes on one another, to have dinner together and above all living in peaceful atmosphere by knowing one another in close way. That is why we make it compulsory to have the dinner in unison and all members of the family will join the dinner without fail. Even if some member of out of the home and was about to reach, we shall wait for him or her to come and then have the dinner. Why because through dinner sitting, we come to know all the happenings of the day and thus kept informed about ourselves and happening in the family.
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    Home is a dwelling unit to which we develop an emotional attachment. It may be a concrete house, an apartment , a thatched hut or even a tent. It is like a nest of birds who fly in the morning in search of food though come back to feed their fledglings chirping in the nest with open beaks.

    In the past and even nowadays in many cases several generations live in the same house. Old people die and new babies get born in the same dwelling unit and in this manner the structure becomes a mute spectator of the vicissitudes or happier as well as sadder moments of the resident family. People develop attachment for even the furniture and the trees planted in the courtyard.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Home for is everything. A home provides me relax and feeling of paradize on the earth. I do work for the whole day but have decided not work after 6 PM. After 6 PM I spend my time with my family members. We have four members of our family and we share everything with each other. We try to sort out the solution to any problem and plan everything together.
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