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    Self-Restraint In Pizza Line Vs. Red Light.

    We have just booked the order at the counter & waiting for our turn but still as the queue is long, & the time still remains is more than 1/2 hour. We have no objection but eagerly & patiently looking at the machines in which the token numbers are shown. As the token number is displayed we pick the order & leave the counter. I am raising the issue while taking the delivery of Pizza at the Pizza stores.

    Now, referring to the scene wherein we are about to cross the road, take a note that our whole personality & the way we react to the situation is all the way changed here. Even the count down is already going on & the signal is still red but we have our hands on the horns & the accelerators keep on pressing continuously.

    Does anyone have something to add here?
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    I have seen many people start moving even before the green light comes as soon as the yellow light on the other side comes. They don't have patience. They never think waiting on the roadside chitchatting with a friend for hours together is not a waste of time but waiting near a traffic signal post is waste of time. This is the culture of the country. Starting from the to the bottom all the people have no respect for rules and regulations. By not following a traffic rule the person is creating a problem for him and another passenger. But people who are doing all corrupt practice are safely sitting in foreign countries and the people here are suffering. This is because in every level in every department corruption is at the peak. If a police catch a thief and punish severely the thief will have a fear. But if the police ask for a share where is the fear. This is the present position of our country.
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    No one has time to be patient to wait for the traffic signal, as they need are rushing to reach somewhere else. If you can stand in a queue for food, then why not wait for the traffic signal. The culture of this society is totally bad and when we go to a foreign country we can see that the people who leave there are having a level of discipline and streets are pretty clean. What we see in streets in waste and no one have the time to clean it and no time to wait for the patient at the traffic signal.
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    If one wants to see a movie of his interest , he wont mind standing in the queue a the theatre for hours together but he wont have the patience at the traffic signal.
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    It is just our impatienence and our attitude. When we see two wheelers entering a one way street or riding on the footpath to escape the traffic, they do it regularly when no traffic PC is not seen, the same doesn't happen that often if at least 1 PC is there and rarely happens with 2-3 PC+SI are waiting in a corner to book cases.

    It is just human nature, when there is no one to police or supervise us, we tend to take liberities, but when the situation is controlled and there is very little that we can do in a given situation, we accept and follow the rules. The pizza counter example, all of us known the system, token, order number, call announced and then we collect it. Here even thought we are impatient, we hide it like a caged tiger because we can't jump the queue without risking an arguement or a fight.

    So, if the consequences of breaking the law is less or minuscule, we tend to break it with impunity. If we raise the consequences and raise the level of civic awareness, we would change.

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