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    What should be the criteria to select a new baby name?

    According to statistical data about 250 babies take birth every minute across the globe. Out of above, 34 births per minute take place in India alone. All such babies are given a name by their parents.

    Nowadays, the parents start searching for new names since even before the birth of the baby, unlike in the past when there used to be Namkaran Sanskar (Naming Ceremony) on the tenth day after birth within a month to give a name to the newborn baby.

    Parents wish to give a name to their baby which is unique, unheard of, has a special meaning and is easy to pronounce.

    Let us discuss as to what should be the criteria to select a new baby name?
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    In our sect, the name of the child would commensurate with the star of the day in which he or she was born. Then the legacy of great grand fathers or great mothers would be carried to have their name for the child. But the modern parents wants modern name to the child and hence the elders are not having any voice in this regard. So we have to leave the matter to the couples who had their first issue of child and let them have the privilege to select and keep name for the child. Others should simply enjoy the proceedings and bless the child, otherwise the young parents wont be cheerful.
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    In earlier days when the parents are going for multiple children, the tradition in our area is if the first child is a male, the baby will be named after the name of father's father.If the baby is a female she will be named after the name of father's mother. The second child will be named after the mother's parents as the case may be. Another aspect is adding the names of Gods is also a tradition. But they used to add only one or two God's names.
    But these days the children of a couple is maximum two. So the systems are changed. Now the trend of keeping elder's names is not the trend. But the tradition of adding various God"s names is still continuing. So they are adding so many names and the last name will be a modern name. The name will be so big to remember also. But afterwards, in all the records only the last name will be mentioned. These days some names we hear are very peculiar and sometimes we don't understand the meaning of that word.

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    Criteria for naming, has always been based on what character the parents desire their child to have.
    No matter what culture you look at.
    But there's a glitch in patriarchal society like the Indian one and Indonesian one.
    Here, for an example, my son would simply be called Adityaputra, if this were ancient times.

    Having names of Gods is a relatively new concept. Names were given corresponding to the offspring attribute. For an instance, Krishna means black. Rama comes from rama (pronounced ramaaa) means polite. Bheem means huge.
    Name shows how a person is different from others. That's the purpose of naming in the first place. Differentiating .
    That's the foremost criteria of naming if you ask me.
    Identify the differentiation.

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    Presently, Numerology plays an important role in naming a child. There are books and numerologists who chose the first word of the name as per their date of birth, their star and zodiac etc. Even in Panchangam, the starting letter as per the star is mentioned. Starting with that letter, people try to have their name as per the good number. People love to have short name (say four or five letters) for their wards for easy calling and writing.
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    Is there any impact of the names given to the children by their parents in getting success in life later? Do names unique and pregnant with deep meaning facilitate success in life?
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Is there such a specific criterion for naming a child? What name you choose for your child will depend upon your caste, religion, culture, region, beliefs and so many other things. Things are changing nowadays and people are googling to find out unique and fancy names. A question asking the criteria for naming a child is likely to get different answers. #630700, let us please be practical and remember that we are living in a country which is developing. Let us not pull ourselves back to the bullock-cart age by asking this kind of questions. Impact of a name on the future of a child? Are we really discussing seriously?
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