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    Idea of having seperate section for job profiles in ISC

    I got an idea of having a seperate section for job profiles. In ISC we have course section in which course details, eligibility, job opportunities etc. will be given. It will be good if we have jobs section too, in which job titles, job responsibilities and required qualifications to get that job will be given.

    Many people search for job responsibilities and qualification required to get particular job in the internet. And I have recently saw in ask expert section of ISC also, people posting questions on job profiles. Let me know what other members and editors of ISC think about my idea.
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    Hi Ramya,
    In ISC jobs section, for each job posted there are details such as qualification and other conditions. There is also a facility to provide a link which takes us to the employer notification page wherein we get more details. Moreover, job profile for a role varies from employer to employer. For example, a System Analyst responsibilities will be as per the profile set by each employer. There could be a high-level overview of what kind of responsibility this role will have but we cannot accurately write down any job profile's role and responsibility except the obvious one like Doctor, Lawyer, etc., Moreover, it might be slightly a duplicate of what we have already in the jobs sections. Hence I do not think so we need a separate job profiles section. This is my opinion.


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    While I do agree that the idea of having job profile for the jobs submitted in the ISC job section is a good suggestion but given numerous profiles, the drop down list would be enormous and hence may not be possible.
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    Hi Ramya. On ISC category wise job section is already present. please visit this link . Do you want some more specific detail? I things different categories are also present and a person can search a job easily according to his needs.
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    Yes we do have job section where different job vacancies and responsibilities for those jobs are posted. Which will be useful for those who are searching for job vacancies. But I am saying having a section where the list of various job names are displayed alphabetical wise and minimum qualification required for those jobs and general responsibilities of those jobs will be posted. So that it will be use ful for the people who are searching for responsibilities and qualification required for a job generally.

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    You are talking about a separate section for knowing the aspirants to know about the qualifications and other details required for a particular post.
    For Example Title of the job: Clerk.
    Qualification: Graduations
    Experience: not mandatory
    Age: minimum18 and max 23 years.
    Like this, you say that a section can be created so that people can refer that section to know what are the jobs they can apply and they can try for those posts.
    I am not very sure, how it can be done. For Government jobs, we can give, But private jobs it will vary from Organisation to Organisation.
    Anyhow good idea. Let us wait for the decision from the Top.

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    Dr. N.V Srinivas Rao sir, example given by you is correct and in additional it should include responsibilities of the post. For example if their is a office clerk post. Responsibilities include answering phones, filing, data processing, faxing, mailing, message delivery, sorting incoming mail Etc.

    I have seen many websites giving descriptions of jobs and job profiles, so I got an idea of having this in ISC.


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    Having read the thread and the replies, what the author means for job details are seen in stand alone websites for Job adverts only or mainly focusing on job adverts. If you look at dedicated job search sites, then you will have drop down menu, job title, job description, responsibilities etc. I feel, this would not be feasible for ISC

    I just checked one job at random in the health section some of the current ones. It has most of the aspect covered

    Employer, Address, Email, URL, Phone, Skills, Experience, Education, Job Location, Job title, Salary, Age limit
    Required Job Profile, and How to apply. This should be fine.

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