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    I have not seen any candle-light procession in this case

    As a resident of Delhi, I have been noticing many candle-light processions in Delhi during the last four years or so. If there is any death in any corner of the country, if there is an altercation between two groups of people regarding the berth in a train, there is invariably a candle-light procession. In some cases when the organizers find candles costly, there is a candle-less procession. But definitely, there would be a procession.

    But this is probably an exception. Thirty-nine innocent Indians lost their lives in Iraq. They were brutally murdered by some terrible people. At the time of their death, these innocent and poor people who went to a foreign country to earn their living, didn't know their fault. But they were killed. Their dead-bodies didn't receive respectful treatment. Their dead bodies were dumped on a hillock.

    But my post is for a different purpose. I thought that there would be a candle-light or candle-less procession by the intellectuals of Delhi on this issue. When I didn't find any, I thought that the intellectuals have gone to any other city of the country to take part in such procession. But so far I haven't got the news of any such procession.

    Members! Is there any procession in your city against the killing of thirty-nine innocent Indians in Iraq?
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    It seems even in the matter of deaths of the innocence, if the same is reported belatedly, the issues loose the importance and that is what happened in the case of those 39 deaths which occurred 4 years back and came to know now. Nevertheless the Parliament failed to pay the tribute, the opposition mocked at the news by protesting for their own demand, the Delhi intellectuals failed to take out a solemn march for the solace of the families of those who lost the lives. But we the Indians are very much with them in their grief. May their soul rest in peace. God give the families enough strength to bear the loss.
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    Candle marches are organised to register protest on spur of a moment e.g. in the case of heinous murder and rape of Nirbhaya in Delhi. There were candle marches when students were killed in an army school in Karachi, Pakistan. However, in the case under discussion the issue had become stale as the incidence occurred about four years ago and had already been taken by the Government at the highest possible level i.e. in the parliament.
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    I think the intellectuals are busy with some other important assignments somewhere. I have also not seen any procession or at least a statement of grief by any of these intellectuals. But many people are discussing and sending their respects to the departed souls.This case is not very fit for the intellectuals as there is no chance to encash this situation to get some votes of a particular section of voters I think. Another aspect is the incident took place 4 years back and their procession may not get much sympathy and people may not appreciate their acts. That's why no one of them is out there on this issue.But as a common many I felt very pity for the families who lost their people and were not given a proper treatment at least to their dead bodies.

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