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    Adopt 'forget and forgive' policy and tread ahead?

    It takes time in learning that there is no real gain in adopting conflicting stance. Acquiring equanimity requires maturity which comes with experience, often gained through repeated failures.

    We should adopt 'forget and forgive' policy and tread ahead on our irreversible and unidirectional path i.e. our life. We must not expect fair treatment from all individuals at each walk of our life. We should be prepared to encounter discrimination and unfair treatment nonchalantly. It may be difficult but not impossible, at least for those who are determined to tread ahead without getting perturbed.

    Is it possible? What are your observations in this regard?
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    Forget and forgive policy always works good at any time. But not for every one. Those who have the vengeance attitude and wants to take revenge against others even on the slightest misbehavior , they wont forge the incident and wont forgive the person even. This can be seen in politicians. They have the tendency to take action against the opponent on their misrule once they occupy the power of the seat. But again vengeance wont work always. Even in politics there is no consistency on friendship and enmity. Those who were enemies previously would join hands to form the government and vice versa.
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    In our life, we often get ill treatment from many quarters and it makes us unhappy. Being humans, it is a natural instinct that we feel saddened by such aggression.

    To keep ourselves balanced and composed the policy of forget and forgive comes to our rescue which helps us in getting ourselves prepared for the journey of life without recollecting the bad episodes in past.

    Yes, the policy of forget and forgive works very effectively in our life.

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    I simply abhor this policy! Due to this policy, the present condition of India is so terrible. Even if we forgive once, we must not forget the wrong-doing and the wrong-doer, and take necessary precaution.
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    Forgive and forget is the best policy to live on. We will be doing many things every day. In this connection, we will be coming across many personalities. Each one is unique and different from others in one way or other. They will have their likes and dislikes. We will also have our own. So if you go on confronting with the people who are acting against your likes and dislikes, we can't reach our destination in time. So we need not worry about somebody's positive remarks or negative remarks. That depends on the individual and how he looks at you. But as long as you feel you are correct and go on doing your work. Definitely in this world treating everybody equally by all is very difficult. Sometimes we may receive stepmotherly treatment. Don't worry and don't think about that Go ahead with your plan to reach the destination in time.
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    It depends on the age profile also. Individuals in younger age groups generally tend to confront as they have more time with them. However, after reaching plus sixty years of age, the approach changes.
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    I am partly agreeing with the author but more or less this should depend upon the circumstances that we face in a real life situation.

    How come?

    Take an instance wherein someone had done bad things to you. Now like & as the author say that "Forgive & Forget", then the same things may happen to you again which continues to get repeated more & more. On the practical side that how often can you do this to someone who only have bad intentions for you.

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