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    Why intimations are not received in all cases?

    At the very outset, I must say that this is not a complaint. This is only a genuine curiosity.

    In ISC, when an article is approved, the author of the article is intimated. When an article is rejected, then also the author is intimated. Same is applicable when an article is kept pending. This is the normal practice in ISC. But very recently I have been noticing that I am not getting intimation when an article is approved. As for example, today in the early morning, one of my articles has been approved. But till now I have not received any intimation.

    Is it due to some problem in the system? Or, maybe the Reviewing Editor has forgotten to intimate the author. In any case, it is not a big issue. I request the ME to kindly look into the matter.

    At the same time, I also request the ME to take necessary steps to restore my article posting right, which has been withdrawn after deletion of seven or eight draft articles yesterday.
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    No editor sends intimations about approved or rejected or pending posts! It is the automated feature provided by the Webmasters, namely email alerts, which gives the intimations. So it is likely that this alert system had a technical glitch. I also have faced this issue once or twice in the past when I did not get an intimation of approved articles. I do not think it is a big issue, though, as we can always check back our articles regularly to see if they have been approved or not. Nevertheless, will inform the Webmasters about this.

    With regard to your drafts being deleted & hence your inability to post further, I will inform Tony Sir as that also is due to the automated system & I suppose he will be able to fix it to enable you to continue with your submissions.

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    When you refresh the points and earnings slot daily, when there is surge in the cash credits, that shows approval of your submissions in any of the sections or awards got to which cash credits given. However there is no definite system to inform us about the approvals of articles and so forth.
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    I think it is the technical problem. I am also getting messages about my article after some hours. Sometimes I am getting messages next day. But it is shown in alert section. I also request the editors to look into the matter why this type of problem is happening for the last couple of weeks.
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    I have not had this problem, for the last three articles, including the recent What to do in case of contest , I have got the message, 'moved from submission to pending, and then 'moved from pending to approved' etc

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    If this is still a problem, please let me know and I would like to resolve this. You are supposed to get an email notification.

    One possibility is, ISC is receiving very high traffic last few days and this may be causing us to exceeding the daily email limit. Our email service provider allows only 2000 emails per day and usually we stay within this limit. But if we exceed the limit, the emails will not be delivered.

    Tony John
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    Yesterday two of my articles have been approved. I received e-mail and alert in respect of one article, and no alert or notification in respect of another one (which was approved first).
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