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    How to contact Webmaster of ISC privately.

    We, the members of ISC, are using forum section for posting our doubts, clarifications, enquiries about ISC. Various members are posting their views and the concerned editor or Lead Editor or ME are coming out with their answers. All these matters need not go to the webmaster.
    But if any member wants to contact the webmaster privately to know something or suggest something about the improvement of the ISC and or any other matter, is there anyway. The member may not like to make the post in the public domain and it may have to be reached only the webmaster. Can any member highlight the process here?
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    Dr. Rao: I have never contacted any of the Webmasters so far. I haven't felt any need. So far I have accepted (or have been forced to accept) the decisions of the Managing Editor and/or the Lead Editors. I only feel the presence of the Webmaster(s) while one of them allocates the RSB at the end of the month.
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    Dr. Rao,

    Improvements for ISC can be made via the forum and it will be brought to the notice of the Webmasters right away. It enables other members, too, to give their input. Similarly, anything related to ISC as such can definitely be asked in the forum itself. The Webmasters should be contacted if and only if it is some totally private & personal matter (e.g. a member needs financial help or wishes to complain about harassment messages by a fellow member.) This can be done, if at all required, via the contact us link at the bottom of the page.

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    Mr Partha, I have also never contacted. But this is a general question to know the way if at all any requirement comes in future.
    ME: Thanks for your reply.

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    If you want to contact the Webmaster, you can do it by going to his profile page and using 'contact' option. If you go to the Dashboard of your own profile page, you will find the following:-

    ''f you have any questions regarding this site or like to get any help, please post in our forum and one of our editors will be more than happy to help you. In case you are unable to resolve any issue through the forum, feel free to contact me directly through my social profiles. I will be more than happy to discuss any issues with you.''

    You can also contact him through the social media mentioned thereunder.

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