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    Some practical tips for buying vegetables.

    All of us eat vegetables daily as a part of our meals. In many households men shop for vegetables and in many others women. Vegetables are sold by roadside vendors as well as in swanky air conditioned malls. Irrespective of the fact as to who buys or from where it is bought, we do require it in any case.

    Let us share some practical tips for buying vegetables for the benefit of all of us. Should we buy vegetables daily or once in a week or fortnight? How to select vegetables for buying? There are many such points on which sharing tips is likely to prove useful.
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    In my opinion, we should buy vegetable daily so that we can consume fresh vegetables. We should buy vegetables in the morning as we can get fresh vegetables. I everyday go to Mandi for buying fresh vegetables. Sometimes my wife also does the same thing if I am busy with my work.
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    I think the best way is to grow the vegetables in your kitchen garden so that we can have organic material without any insecticides and pesticides in it or any other chemicals.
    Coming to buying of vegetables, it is better to purchase fresh vegetables but in many malls what we see are aged material only. So if any vendor who comes to our street every alternative day with vegetables is the best. We can select from the lot and have the best. As he is coming to our door we need not spend much time on purcahsin also. Another advantage is he will be bringing fresh lot only.
    In Telangana and AP weekly one day, Rytu Bazaars will be organised. The concept is the purchase will be directly from farmers without any middlemen. There also we get fresh vegetables. But we have to purchase once a week. If we can store them in our refrigerator we can purchase there and use.

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    If you want to have fresh vegetables to be cooked and eaten , then purchase required vegetables only for two days and do the cooking. Now a days fresh vegetables are available early in the morning in super bazars and they are coming daily. And weekly bazar at every colony on a prescribed day would also be available. For me I prefer to buy two or three vegetables and then go for fresh one again. Some basic vegetables like Potato, onion, tomato and curry leaves, dania leaves are always be purchased and kept ready for urgent cooking needs. Special vegetables and seasonal vegetables are purchased when they hit the market.
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    In our locality a Ryutu Bazar run by farmers is there which run on daily basis. Variety of vegetables are available at reasonable prices. I buy vegetables sufficient for one week in this and store them in refrigerator. Government run mobile van which sells vegetables also there which comes twice in a week to our colony. Some times I will buy from it the vegetables for a week. I buy vegetables when they are fresh only. Sellers will allow to sort out good ones from the heap of vegetables. By practice we can know which are good and which are bad. By just seeing them I can identify Lady's fingers whether tender ones or not and similarly Snake gourd, Ridge gourd, Bottle gourd etc. When selecting Colocassia, they should be outer surface soft and round. Some times I also buy in Malls where Potatoes, Cabbage and some fruits available at less price.

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    Buying vegetables from the weekly local market and supplementing it once or twice from the regular pushcart vendor is something we found useful. Its Ideal to buy fresh vegetables and ones that are not stored in a controlled cool environment in the malls or large shops. But it would not be practical for all.

    Certain items like (onions, potatoes, pumpkins) can be bought once in 10 days or a fortnight. Some delicate items like coriander, capsicum etc need to be bought twice a week or so depending on the need.

    Instead of just grabbing and dumping in the paper bag or cover, I just pick up one by one except very small items. As we get the hang of it, we learn to filter out overripe tomatoes, capsicum with spoilt areas etc. If one is new to this and the need is less, many malls have good quality vegetables washed and pre-packed at a little extra price.

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    In law itself there is a maxim,'let buyer beware' which reiterates the responsibility on buyers.Many times I got bulb from my mother and my wife on buying rotting vegetables. It is good to note the tips. But the vendors also should away from cheating. Whenever we go to Hyderabad we used to buy vegetables in rythu bazaar at mehdipatnam and in salem of Tamilnadu at uzhavar sandai suramangalam. In madurai all markets mostly not cheating but in chennai to run pazhamuthirsolai, market people cheating.

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    I think all the men who have responded have missed the point of the post. The author, in my opinion, asked for tips on selecting veggies. How to identify ripe veggies etc? Here are a few practices that I follow while buying veggies -

    1. Potatoes should not be green-skinned or have spuds on them
    2. Tomatoes should be firm to the touch. I buy slightly green or pale coloured, but firm tomatoes, if I plan to store them for some days
    3. The tip of the okra should snap when bent, as this indicates that they are tender
    4. I check how tender bottle gourd is by pressing a fingernail into it
    5. Heavier lemons have more juice
    6. The neck of onions should not be discoloured or soft or too dry
    7. Watermelons must be heavy and make a nice thumping sound when tapped
    8. Muskmelon must be smelt – a sweet and ripe melon will always smell sweet
    9. Drumsticks should be thin and easily twisted

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    Sometimes, green dyes known to have carcinogenic effect are used for adulteration of vegetables . The dye is generally sprayed over vegetables to make it look greener and shiny. Also, sometimes the leaves are soaked in the solution of malachite green and air dried to get the desired look. Green chillies, green peas and other green vegetables are often subjected to such treatment.

    One should therefore be extra careful in choosing such vegetables.

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    I have just now read this interesting thread and interesting responses, especially the response of Ms. Juana. Although I consider myself a fairly good and experienced purchaser of green vegetables, of late, I have been purchasing cucumbers of bad quality. I am purchasing cucumbers which look fresh, but when we go to consume these cucumbers, some of these cucumbers are found to be of bitter taste.

    So, I am interested to know how to choose cucumbers which are not bitter.

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    As far as I know, there is no way to identify cucumbers which may be bitter. Generally speaking almost all cucumbers are bitter on stem side due to presence of a chemical known as cucurbitacin. However, rubbing the sliced end against the cucumber releases cucurbitacin in the form of a white, foamy substance.
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    We should purchased vegetables twice a week. we should try to purchase from weekly market/santa near by location. these vegetables come from villages direct and are very fresh.
    we shouldl look for the quality by visual inspection and touch. There are more than 100 venders, you can walk around and find the best quality and best price.

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    All of us are aware of the latest patterns being adopted by vegetable - vendors where they colour the different vegetables to give fresh look and in fact, they are able to lure the guillble customers. For them, hygiene of the customers hardly matters, the main aim is to maximise the earning capacity. No green vegetable has been spared be it Bottle - gourd, Cucumber, Cabage and so on. Even the customers cannot identify such vegetables in terms of freshness.
    However, the best option would be to have a weekly purchase of the green - vegetatables from some vendor who is known for his fair trade - practice. Freshness of the green - vegetables deteriorates with the time and hence it would be hygienic to resort to weekly purchasing of such commodities from a known vendor to retain the quality of the purchased products.

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    Its difficult to differentiate as anything comes from cold storage. Adding, the chemicals are used in order to keep the vegetables for longer time. In addition to this we already having an understanding that pesticides are being used during & while preparation of the harvesting.

    These all make this dangerous to our health that nothing remains to its natural state. The coming times would no longer be safer either as the uses is going to be heavier then ever.

    To be on positive side & at least we can keep the vegetable in the water for a while before cooking.

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