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    After long last, case has been registered against the Assistant Professor

    The female students of Kerala had to carry out protests and agitations against this great assistant professor. Day by day, the level of agitation was going up. The media and the Government were silent, nobody knows why. But ultimately, the State Government of Kerala has to accept the demand of the agitating students. The Government has to register a case against Jouhar Munavvir, an assistant professor at Farook Training College in Kerala for allegedly making sexist and derogatory remarks against female students. Munavvir has gone on leave after his comments created an outrage among the students. A clip of Munavvir's speech went viral, in which he could be heard comparing female body in a dirty manner and propagating religion-sanctioned dress for female students.

    The college distanced itself from the comments of the assistant professor. Although the media and Government remained silent, the agitating female students have ultimately forced the police to take action against such teacher. TThis has been the only good news in this totally unsavoury episode.
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    Wrong doers have no place in the society. Who ever it may be, they have to bow to the law and seek pardon from the women or females on whom he made sexist remarks.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The sanctity of teaching profession has been lost due to this kind of teachers only. A teacher and student relation should be like a relationship between a child and parents.But these days this ethcis are lost. There are no values even for people in the educational institutes of repute also. A very bad state of affairs. The government also keep mum keeping their vested interests in their mind.
    The lady students finally have shown their force and they made the police move. How a teacher could talk comparing female body in a dirty manner and propagating religion-sanctioned dress for female students. It can't be taken easily. I feel now at least police will get their senses right and do the needful.

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    The Farook Training College professor Jouhar Munavvir has been booked under non-bailable section 354 (case of molestation) and 509 (word, gesture or act intended to insult modesty of a woman) of the IPC.

    The assistant professor has made sexist and derogatory comments in a speech delivered at a family counselling session. He has said that 'I am a teacher of a college where 80 percent of the students are girls and of that, the majority are Muslims. These girls are not wearing dresses as per the religious tradition. They are not covering their chests with hijab......'

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    The papers and the channels highlighted the watermelon controversy. Recently a former MP and top cop was criticised for making inappropriate comments related to Nirbhaya's mother, even this comment was equally bad.

    Anyone has a right to think and have a conservative or a liberal view about a particular topic. But to express it in print or speech, one has to be careful with the terms and the references they make. If one is worried or has a view to express, it has to be worded properly. Such unnecessary distractions just make the whole environment in bad taste and result in a waste of valuable time and resources.
    The other good outcome from such derogatory statement episodes is that in future people will be careful when they speak in public.

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    Latest update: The most patriotic and secular gang of Kerala, PFI organized a march in support of the assistant professor of the Farook College. But PFI has a very cozy relationship with the present ruling alliance in Kerala.
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