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    What must be their intention?

    Of late I am seeing in many places some two wheelers, four wheelers are in the bad condition formed with full of dusts as unused or even usable condition at the entrance of the house. If the same found at the or near the police station we can think they are unclaimed or seized. What must be the reason of this in front of the houses?
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    This would be seen in homes were children have grown up and left to pursue education by staying in a hostel or overseas or even left after their marriages. Some adults, as they get older, I've noticed restricting the use of the vehicle due to the traffic congestion and some rash drivers on the roads.

    Homes that are close to a metro construction, a large upcoming apartment complex or a flyover project will have plenty of dust that comes in. We at times, hesitate to open the windows for long duration for the fear the fine dust settling on all the objects in the hall or bedroom. Similarly, the vehicles also would be covered. So, I think, it the change in the family structure, changing needs that makes the vehicles defunct and hence left to stand idle.

    In most of the basement parking lots of apartment complexes, you will come across such vehicles for similar reasons.

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    Those vehicles which were kept ugly and standing in front of the homes may be neglected one as the owners might not be interested to use them more or they want to keep as the memories. But those vehicle standing in front of the police stations and gathering dust and facing the vagaries of nature are the ones which involved in frauds, cheating and burgling. Most of the bikes were either stolen or driven without valid documents and the police would book the case and send the person to remand. Till the cases are fully closed the conditions of the vehicle would be worst than ever and better to leave them at the police station itself.
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    These days especially in cities people are having multiple cars. Without selling off the old car, they are going for the purchase of a new car. Once the new car has come the owners will prefer to drive the new cars only and the old cars will be parked before the house for a long period, These days nobody is having the patience keep washing the cars. So the dust will accumulate and it will appear as if it is not in use.
    In some cases, the young people may be using the car for self-drive and they never bother about cleaning the car. Over a period of time, these cars will appear as if they are not used for a long time. I have seen these types of cars parked in offices also.
    Another reason is there are some owners who send their cars for long distance travels and after coming back immediately they may not be cleaning it properly which result in such accumulation of dust.

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    Not only two wheelers and four wheelers, there is a general tendency among most of the middle class people in India to not to dispose of anything even when it becomes totally useless. Inside each house, we can find a lot of junk material s stored without any aim or objectives. People store even packing materials of the gadgets bought by them and empty bottles, containers and such other things.

    The vehicles are kept outside the house in absence of proper garage and also as a status symbol.

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