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    Every blog has its day, keep blogging says our webmaster Tony.

    I was casually going through the content on the internet about our site and its progress and found a info graph which has the photo of our webmaster Tony with a dog and says " Every blog has its day. keep blogging" that was inspiring, every dog as the day quote. By the way I also came across the information that the site had so far 27,23,409 sessions, with 21,92,157 dedicated users and with 20,12,102 page views which seems to be quite impressive. Many sites are there, but the consistency of dedicated users has been rising.
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    Mohan, thank you for sharing a good piece of information. It is really a good progress and we should all congratulate our webmasters for achieving the none to second progress in this site. Congratulations to all the stakeholders and for the people who are at the helm of affairs and brought this remarkable progress for the channel which is progressing with a tagline' Earn while you learn'.
    always confident

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    One of the most important reasons of growing popularity of websites like ISC is the fact that it provides a platform, free of cost, to the authors to get their contents published. The associated earning, if any, can be said to be only secondary benefit as it is mostly in the form of a token honorarium.

    I wish all success to ISC in future too.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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