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    Is anyone facing the same problem?

    Isc is always opened in my google chrome app.But whenever I open the app website always ask me to log in again and again. Today I wrote the expert answer and clicked on submit and again I need to log in.I am facing a lot of problems. How can this problem be solved?
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    This is happening some times for me also. By the time we complete our posting the site is getting logged off. So what I am typing in a folder outside and then once the answers are ready I copy pasting here. This problem was discussed earlier also I think webmaster is looking into the problem.
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    I am facing the same problem. I am using Mozilla Firefox. I need to login again and again whenever I try to post a message or response. It is irritating. Few days back, I too have raised a thread, but nothing has been done to solve the problem. Waiting for ISC webmaster to do something to get away from the problem.
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    Yes, I am also following the same problem when I log in from my office computer. Most probably our office computer network doesn't prefer ISC website and treats this as not secured. As I am a non-technical person, I can't correctly diagnose the exact problem.
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    I request the concerned editors to verify the following problem. Already I have sent this problem through my message till now it was not responded to or solved. So I take this opportunity to post my Forum restriction problem through this thread:-

    *********While I am trying to post for forum it is restricting saying several of my forum posts were rejected recently. But none of my Forum posts were either rejected or I have crossed posting limit. Instead of some other members restriction, editors have restricted my posting rights. I request the concerned editors to check my issue and restore my posting rights.*******

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    This problem is being faced by many members including me and awaiting the webmasters response on this. But in a day for at least 20 minutes , the site goes for maintenance and that time we may not able to log in and automatically logged out.
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    This happened yesterday morning and evening while being logged in, after typing in a response and after clicking the submit response, it goes to the thread page with a top line stating that 'you must sign in ' to post a response. I type my replies in a note pad and then transfer, this saves time.
    The author can similarly type the answer as a memo and then select all, copy and paste it to the ISC as the response.

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    This problem was reported a few days earlier too and the admin has been informed about the same. There appears to be some technical glitch which is being looked into. Please bear with us. Till then, the suggestion from Natarajan seems appropriate to avoid loss of contents we type.
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    I am also doing the same. Before pressing the 'submit' option, I am saving my response. Whenever I get automatically logged out, I again go back and post the saved response. However, this problem is more frequent in my office computer due to some safety mechanism which I don't know.

    However, due to this problem, I could not post at least one article in the just-concluded Article-writing competition. My posting right has been withdrawn due to deletion of many draft articles created because of this problem.

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    No, I am not facing this type of problem. Sometimes I got an error message but when I reopen the link my response already show the thread.
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    An update in this connection has been posted in another thread highlighting similar problem. Darneet and other members are requested to kindly check out the thread in the link and post their responses therein.

    I am locking this thread now.

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