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    Mile stones written in Hindi are being erased in Ramanathapuram district of TN.

    When ever the elections fast approach, the political parties in TN take the hate of Hindi language. Now that the NEET exams are round the corner, such protests are happening every year. This year also some unruly elements were indulging to blacken the Hindi signs being written on the mile stones leading to important places on the high ways in Ramanathapuram district in the state and thus this would be start of ugly demonstration on the matter elsewhere. If you are in Indian Union, one must follow the National language.
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    It is always a problem in Tamilnadu and Kerala from long ago. They are against three language formula. They never encouraged Hindi. I have seen in Kerala many places, people talk very good English but they don't understand Hindi. We can manage either with English or local language. I agree with the author that there should be a common language all over the country so that we never feel that we are in some foreign place.
    Of course people may say it is easy to manage with English in foreign countries also.I think all states should encourage three language formula. Then it will be a common language for allIndians.

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    It is very old story, not worth discussion any more. It is beyond my imagination that within India, opposition of official language of the country is tolerated . It is one of the worst form of appeasement for the purpose of gathering votes.

    Though, there is no national language as such in India as declared by the Constitution of India, Hindi and English are designated as official language and are used for official purposes including in recording parliamentary proceedings, communications between the Central Government and a State Government etc.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Do not add fuel to the fire. I do not think the entire TN is involved in removing the Hindi script from the milestones. May be a miscreant from Ramanathapuram district might have involved in such practices.
    We are united. People from TN have realised the importance of Hindi and they are trying hard to have their wards learning Hindi. Don't be in a hurry to create such hatred threads.

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