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    Rajya Sabha election-2018

    Yesterday the bi-annual election of Rajya Sabha was held in 58 seats. Out of these 58 seats, BJP has so far won 27 seats and Congress has won 9 seats. The results of 2 seats from Jharkhand are still awaited.

    But the most remarkable results have come from Uttar Pradesh. Elections were held in 10 seats in the state. As per the strength of the BJP, SP and BSP, BJP was supposed to get 8 seats. Due to the new alliance of SP and BSP, both the parties were supposed to get 1 seat each. But it has been reported that there has been rampant cross-voting by the MLAs of SP and BSP who are not happy on this únholy' alliance, BSP could not win 1 seat. And Mayawati's loss is BJP's gain. So, BJP has won 9 out of 10 seats from Uttar Pradesh where it was supposed to get 8.

    Undoubtedly, the election result would strengthen BJP in Rajya Sabha.
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    Yes. It is true. The strength in Rajya Sabha. There are two versions in this issue. The first one is cross voting is due to MLAs unhappiness. Another version is that BJP President brought these MLAs by offering special favours. We don't know which version is correct. However it is a plus for BJP. As usual once again it is proved that we can't understand what is there in the minds of voter. It may be general public or special category voter. The ultimate for any party is to win .
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    Being based at Lucknow, besides watching the drama on television since yesterday, I am able to read detailed analysis in local newspapers today morning and hear people's comments also. It is being said that Yogi Adityanath has been able to avenge lose of his Gorakhpur seat by becoming able to steal the ninth Rajya Sabha seat from the SP-BSP alliance.

    BJP has now become the largest political party in Rajya Sabha with 73 members. Earlier the number was 58.

    Now UP has BJP-11, SP-14, INC-2 and BSP-4 members in the upper house.

    The notable absentees from Rajya Sabha will be Mayawati, Vinay Katiyar and Naresh Agarwal etc.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    BJP's win in the Rajya Sabha election comes as no surprise. As far as UP is concerned, other than the reported cross-voting by a few (very few) SP and BSP MLAs, due to whatever reasons, BJP had strategically (need not be explained further) fielded an independent candidate to ensure their ninth seat. Elections to the Upper House is a different issue altogether and cannot be compared with the election to the Lok Sabha. BJP may be feeling a bit relieved though that their numbers in the Upper House has increased now.
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    The loss of Mayawati is considered to be a major blow for BSP. The party will be further weakened. As a result, the alliance with SP will fall apart.
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    Yes, it is true and really a big win for the BJP after losing some seats of the mid-term election. Rajya Sabha is the upper house of parliament. Congratulations to BJP for winning 9 seats of Rajya Sabha out of 10 in UP.
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    The BJP in Uttar Pradesh did what it is capable of and that is'manipulation'. People reject and elected representatives cheat. The same tactic was used in Gujarat and failed. There is nothing to feel great about that one seat. Short time gain will always result in the long-term loss. It is worth investigating as to what is making these defectors and cross voters prefer BJP.
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    An MLA (no need to mention the name) had had a sumptuous dinner with BSP supremo and the next day voted for BJP candidate. In actuality, people and MLAs of SP and BSP haven't digested the unholy and opportunistic alliance between the top leaders of these two parties. So, the cross-voting. I hope Akihilesh-ji and Maya-ji have got the message.
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    In 1998, Mayawati-ji ditched Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee in the voting of Confidence Motion in Lok Sabha and BJP's Govt lost the majority just by one vote.

    In 2018, she couldn't even win one seat in Rajya Sabha while having 0 seats in Lok Sabha.

    Is it an example of 'Revenge is sweet'?

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    Bahujan Samajwadi Party and Samajwadi Party gave a clear message two weeks back by defeating the BJP in the prestigious by poll elections. It was direct voting by the people themselves. People of those two constituencies gave a clear verdict because they accepted the alliance. It was not a manipulative voting by encouraging cross-voting.
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    Ever since Modi government came to power their first priority was to have formidable presence in RS too as many of the bills are not getting passed for short of majority. Now the BJP is rich by additions to seat and thus would be happy.
    K Mohan
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    Yes, I do agree with Mr. Mohan. Now the Government must try to pass the pending bills (e.g., Triple Talaq Bill) as quickly as possible.
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    #630929, when we say that the BJP/ NDA has added to their seats in the Rajya Sabha, don't we need to take into consideration the recent decisions by its allies like the Shiv Sena, the TDP and the AIADMK? Can the NDA pass the bills as easily as is anticipated? I doubt.
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