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    Are you aware of the precautions to be taken while savouring watermelons in India?

    Often while travelling, we see watermelon sellers on the roadsides of the highways generally just before entering any big city. The displayed rosy red watermelon slices in such shops beckon thirsty onlookers. However, a word of caution here. Some sellers inject a red dye to enhance its appearance. Often the dye 'Sudan Red' is used which is banned by several countries being toxic and a category 3 carcinogenic.

    Identification of such watermelons is difficult but the general tip is to not fall for bright red watermelons. Also, in case of doubt, the vendor should be ask to cut the fruit in such a manner so as to facilitate its examination.

    Are you aware of the precautions to be taken while savouring watermelons in India?
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    In India no fruit is available fresh. Somehow the vendors want to hasten the process of ripening and sell them to make money. Mangoes,Grapes and all other fruits are also getting contaminated somehow. So everyone should be careful in purchasing the fruits.
    When we purchase we should ask the vendor make a small deep cut and see the product. Even then we can't ensure that there is no contamination in it. But a person who is very familiar with this fruit can easily identify the originality of the colour. In a naturally ripped fruit will have a gradual increase in the colour of the fruit from cover to inside. But if it is injected through the cover you will find non uniform colorationand you can easily identify the difference.

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    Watermelons are the favourite among summer and most of us love it. Can we get some without any adulterant or chemicals used to hasten the ripening process. No, this is very difficult, unless you know the farm and the people producing it wherein you can procure it directly.

    What I do is, just check the melons, some of them are tight and have cracks, some ooze liquid, this is more likely to be unhealthy or cannot be kept for a couple of days.

    I never ask the vendor to make a triangular cut, pull out a slice and put it in, we just have to see the knife, the dusty cloth that is used to wipe the knife and the amount of road dust that's on the fruit.

    Instead, I don't bargain in the neighborhood, tell the vendor to give me one that's good, often he gives a good one. rarely it backfire but that's a chances. At times parents buy and come with the window made and brought. I just cut an extra rim and throw it off before we cut it at home.

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    Buying a watermelon is coupled with great experience in the past. Normally two types of watermelons are available in Hyderabad, one is the dark green and other one is the striped watermelon. The dark green ones are small in size and they have rich pulp inside. But we cannot differentiate between over ripen and normal ripen. Here the vendors play their game and try to sell the over ripen fruit telling that it would be more tastier. Again in the striped watermelons we should choose the one with wide stripes. But it is always good to ask the vendor to cut and give in pieces to ensure good quality.
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    Though watermelon is a health food, the main issue is its size. One cannot consume whole fruit alone in case it is of bigger size. Keeping cut fruit in fridge is also not advisable for many days.

    While discussing the main issue raised in the thread, let us share our experiences related to the best manner to cut this fruit, particularly those of larger size, also.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Although I like the taste of watermelon very much, I don't think it is a health food. Most probably, watermelon is not advised by doctors to the patients of high sugar.
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