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    "Accidents can happen in the wink of an eye."

    The video of Priya Prakash Varrier winking in a Malayalee cinema went viral in the social media. It was one of the most watched videos and liked by the public for its spontaneity. The police of Vadodara in Gujarat using it in a creative manner by using posters with the caption"Accidents happen in the wink of an eye: drive carefully, without distraction." to caution the youth. The police are connecting with the public through this positive creative advertisement. This is a very good way of connecting with the people using the popular captions that catch the public eye. The "Amul Dairy" is also very good at positive advertising with popular incidents and catchy phrases. Well done Vadodara police. Members do not wink while driving.
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    The image of the poster is displayed below for reference of the visitors to this thread.

    Literally accidents do happen in the wink of an eye. Most of the disastrous accidents in which many persons die happen in the wee hours when the drivers cannot control their overpowering sleep, unintentionally take forty winks and die together with all passengers. Often in such accidents entire family is wiped out.

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    It is correct. Accidents happen in a fraction of a second. So the drivers should be careful. Your mistake may punish someone else
    That is why, the drivers should be always alert.They should not take driving casually.They should be cautious always. Even there is no mistake from our side if the other driver commits a mistake also we will suffer. Accidents will not happen. They are made. If you go and see the various incidents the bottom line will be mainly human mistake only. So a person should know dos and don'ts of any issue and then only the should go ahead to initiate the work.

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    Nice that the Vadodara Police are taking cue from social media video viral of wink which was a instant hit and using the same for their propaganda to maintain rules on the road.
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    I am trying to be a little bit more creative. So, my slogan is: "Accidents can happen in the wink of an eye. So, don't wink at others, especially while driving".

    On a serious note, this effort of Vadodara Police is noteworthy.

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    It is a very good idea by Vadodara police that they have displayed an advertisement for awareness of the general public towards accidents.

    It is very true that accidents happen in a wink of eye. Today we are living in an age of technical advancements in which we are using all sort of electrical, petrochemical, mechanical and other gadgets in our house and working places.

    While using these gadgets it many times so happen that a small mistake is done and big accidents happen.

    Travelling in Railway, boarding a plane, taking a ride in a bus etc, all these activities are prone to accidents. Though we are taught at various platforms for safety and security of our life while using these facilities but mistakes or technical failures happen and accidents occur.

    Today all of us must be very very careful and cautious while using these modern facilities in our life. We should plan and try to achieve an accident free life for ourselves as well as the fellow beings.

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