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    Should all husbands share household chores equally with their spouses?

    Do you feel that dusting and cleaning can be done by any family member like the husband or grown up children in the family? Share your views here.

    Household chores means activities involved in the running of a household e.g. cleaning, cooking, washing clothes and outdoor activities also like shopping and paying bill etc. Such tasks can be performed by any of the household members i.e. husband, wife or grown up children. However for certain household chores, other persons e.g. maids or servants are also hired to perform such tasks.

    I have seen that in USA, both husband and wife share the household chores equally. Often the tasks of husbands are more. They clean the house, cook meals, wash clothes or clean dishes in routine without any type of differentiation. However, in India, there is still some sort of a mental block in males in performing such tasks.

    Should all husbands share household chores equally with their spouses?
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    There is nothing wrong in sharing household work by husband and that really relieves a wife to an extent. Now, since most of them are in the nuclear family and even wife going out to work, the burden increases on a wife. It becomes difficult for a woman to manage work both at the office and at home and also it is tiresome to work after getting back from office. Sometimes, a woman has to give up her career just because it becomes difficult to cope up. So, if husband lends a helping hand in the kitchen then things get easier. Even if they don't share the household work equally, helping wife means a lot and the burden will definitely be reduced.

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    This is such a question where almost all of us would say that the husbands should share the household activities with the wives. But, in actuality, even in educated middle-class families, husbands share at the best 30% of household activities (even after so much enlightenment). Even I share not more than 30% of household activities.
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    In fact I take pride in helping my better half in the kitchen activities. By doing so there are many advantages. Firstly, we will spending closely with the wife and there can be immense talking on the issues and matters of family interest. The items thus prepared for the day would be with the mutual consent and thus there cannot be any rejection or displeasure at the dining table. And we share the responsibility at the kitchen the items get ready in time and both husband and wife could spend quality time with children during the dinner. And I have seen tranquilty in those house, where the husband helps the wife at the kitchen.
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    In olden daysin our society the concept is that a husband is not supposed to work in the kitchen.They used to sit in the chair and ask for water.The wife used to bring the glass of water. I witnessed this in my house. My father never enter into the kitchen. As an elder son to him initially I used to follow him. But slowly over a period of time my attitude is changed. Now I help my wife in her kitchen work. It may not be 30%. But I do some help. Personally I feel there is nothing wrong in helping the house wife in her works if we have sometime to do that. But when both wife and husband used to work outside, it is a necessity that both of them should share household work also. Otherwise it will become very heavy to the wife and she will not have any rest . If the husband and children help the housewife so that she will be out of pressure and tension.
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    There is nothing wrong in sharing household chorus. In fact, it will bring dignity of work in the house.

    There are many male members who do not like to do the menial work asking the ladies to do it. They feel they are superior.

    Unfortunately in developing countries as most of the ladies are dependent on the male partner, they obey them blindly. In foreign countries, which are developed, the trend is not so.

    Sharing work also can dispense with the servants. For a small family it is easier to manage with sharing rather than to hire the maids.

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    Being involved in household work is beneficial for health also as it involves physical activity. Also, it promotes mutual love and affection among spouses and invigorates furtherance of spirit of cooperation, support and mutual understanding. Thus it appears that there is no other option but to get involved in sharing household chores.
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    Sharing household work is not even a problem if we share our burdens with our Wife. When both the Husband and Wife are working sometimes it will be difficult to finish their household jobs, so they hire maids for doing it. If we can share responsibilities both the Husband and Wife, these problems are not of a major concern. As I am a Bachelor I tend to do household jobs myself and I feel comfortable when going to the company for work. There is nothing to feel shame in doing our household jobs.
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    There should not be any hesitation or sense of embarrassment on the part of men helping women in household duties. It depends on the family size and each other's commitments related to work and travel. There are men who travel many days a week on the job, obviously their contribution would be less than the rest. In many nuclear families, if there is no maid to help out then without any choice the husband and wife have to split the work.

    In some homes/villages, it is considered inferior to do help women at home but gone are the day for a better family atmosphere. For me, sharing work at home in getting kids to school, arranging the purchases, tiding up all helps to ease the stress between the couple.

    In western countries, the concept of sharing the work is better, women have a separate day out, book reading and tea groups where in they get their free time during which the husband and children do the house work. The same is reversed on a football night, when the husbands have a group and enjoy their time.

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