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    Are we ourselves partially responsible for price rise?

    Does responsibility for increase in prices of goods & services rest solely with the Government or with the people who are in the business? Do you think the general public, the consumers, too, are partly responsible?

    We often complain about the inflation and price rise and frequently hold government and businesses responsible for it. But sometimes I wonder are we ourselves in some way or the other also responsible for it?

    Affordability has become the key nowadays for spending more. People who earn more do not hesitate to shell out more and do not question the price of goods or services at all. Their motto is "I am earning handsomely, it does not matter whether I pay Rs 100 or Rs 500. For me, it is important to get the work done." This has become a key mindset for many of the rich and high-income families living in big cities.

    This results in an overall high price of goods and services in the area where there are high-income families live. As a result, mediocre families living in the same area become scapegoats of this mindset of rich people and find it difficult to tackle the high prices. Is it not the social responsibility of the people earning more to question the overpriced goods and services and not to pay any amount that is asked for even if they can afford it? They should think that everyone living in their area is not rich and cannot afford to pay more.

    In cities like Pune, Bengaluru etc where software industry is dominant you will often see that housemaids have their rate as per the apartment category they work in (simple or luxurious). Shops and businesses in the area where these people live are expensive when compared to old areas of the city since businesses also want to take advantage of the high purchasing power of high-income groups.

    Just think if everyone in the society irrespective of whether they are earning more or less unite and decide that they will only pay the normal and logical prices for the goods and services in their area then businesses will automatically lower their price when they see nobody is willing to pay more. It will make a difference.
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    To some extent we are responsible for the increase in the prices of commodities. Many of the younger generation never care about the price. When I go to market with my sons, they will never allow me to bargain the prices. Whatever the vendor says is final. The sellers are taking this as an advantage.
    Another issue is, scarcity of people for household help. Even in villages also getting a servant maid is becoming ver difficult. They demand daily wages. Really it is becoming difficult to get a servant maid.
    Added to these problems the government also increasing the taxes. All these put together the load on the middle class families is imcreasing
    A person should understand the value of money.

    always confident

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    Mention of IT professionals in this thread reminds me of an interesting anecdote. Long back, I was posted at Bhopal though my family was living at Nagpur and therefore, I was required to travel frequently from Bhopal to Nagpur by train sometimes even at short notices without any prior reservation. During festival seasons south bound trains originating at Delhi used to be jam packed and often many waitlisted passengers also used to travel due to non-confirmation of their berths.

    During one such journey, I overheard people lamenting while discussing about reservations in trains. They told that earlier it was possible to get a berth by bribing Rs. 50 or at the most Rs. 100 to the TTE but since development of IT industry in southern cities the IT professionals have started travelling and they have distorted the bribe rates by offering Rs.500 or even Rs.1000 rupees as bribe. Now the berths are out of reach of common middle class passengers.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    In our society the prices of the vegetables & others commodities are fixed as per the locality. Mans there are colonies wherein the high income family stays while their would also the areas wherein the families are not financially strong. One more thing is that in the area if we find the commodity prices high then in comparison we also have the choices of retailers who sells cheap products. So the competition is always high. Vegetable is a commodity that goes pale soon & that's why this can easily be negotiated as the next day the fresh stock would come out.

    In today's competition & in due course establishing customer relation, the seller can't be stick to one thing. As a result we negotiate & get some benefits.

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    Price rise in products and services are done behind many reasons to which people and government cannot be held responsible. If the product or service is scarce, the price would be more. If the demand for the product is more and the supply is less, the price would raise. Like wise if a artificial demand is created and the product feel of short , then the price would be more. In the recent past the demand for coconut oil has increased as some one shared in social media by using coconut oil for every thing one can have control on diseases. Now Coconut oil prices has gone up tremendously.
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    The thread has brought out a very pertinent question whether we the customers are also responsible for controlling the prices in the market.

    Consumer behaviour and consumer capacity to purchase things is also a crucial factor in keeping the price level of commodities in the market. It is very true that there are some people who are earning a lot of money and are carelessly spending it without bothering or enquiring the rates of items in the local market.

    This is creating an unhealthy situation as shopkeepers are exploiting the carelessness of these people. At the same time the shopkeepers are also behaving with other customers in the same way.

    It is also very true that if we resort to bargaining and be strict in our purchases and do not purchase unnecessary or more quantity of an item then definitely the price in the market will fall down. There is absolutely no doubt about this.

    The question is can we all collectively do this to some extent? But again as mentioned by other members also there are some people who are earning a lot of money and are not bothered for this aspect related to control in market prices by consumers.

    Anyway we can at our level try to impress upon the sellers that we will not be blindly purchasing items as per there terms.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Yes, I do agree with the author that we are also responsible for price rise. We always want fast service and can pay extra money for that purpose. So, partially we are responsible not only for the price rise but similarly we are responsible for the corruption in India.
    Honesty is the best policy.

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    Yes,of course. We, many of us patronising much on the grand stores selling vegetables to groceries rather than the small vendors in the guise that only their products are of the good quality. We ignore roadside vendors,carrying vendors and rythu bazaar. These people also start gaining by supplying their product in order to share their cheating.

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    A very thoughtful thread, it is seen in many walks of life, recently, Mr.Chidambaram was in the news among netizens for commenting about Rs 135 charged for a cup of hot water and a tea bag at an airport cafe. This would apply to localities that have expanded rapidly, have a large influx of migrant employees, residential neighborhoods that have become commercial.
    It is a simple case of utilizing the opportunity provided and special situations. The maids and the sellers are utilizing the chance given to them by the affordable customers. Just think about a person owning a plot of land in the city, he would be very happy, if the Government announces a metro rail project close to his plot because he knows that his land value goes up.
    The other way to look at this thread is, at least people are paying the staff and other a little more and indirectly sharing their money earned.

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