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    Which season you like most - winters, summers or monsoons?

    Broadly speaking there are three main seasons in India - winters, summers and monsoons. In north India, generally winter occurs during the months of December to March, summers during the month of April to June and Monsoon during the months of July to September. Every year, during summers, we curse the hot and humid climate, sometimes leading to unprecedented hot temperatures and wait for winters saying winters are better than summers but when winters arrive and we pray to God for early arrival of summers.

    Which season you like most - winters, summers or monsoon?
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    For me there is no special liking are disliking for a particular season. We have to withstand all and we have to enjoy all. But I like Vasankar rutuvu very much as we get different types of fruits and flowers in this season.
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    As I am originally from Bengal, I like the monsoon most. I simply like nature turning dark, velvety green in the rural areas of Bengal. The rainfall in Delhi, where I presently live, is much less than that in Bengal, but even in Delhi, the greenery increases during monsoon.

    However, I also like autumn (at the time of Durga Puja) and also the pre-winter season (in Bengali 'Hemanta') during November when we can easily perceive the change in nature.

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    For me the winter seems to be most enjoying period. In Hyderabad the season starts in October itself and would last till the Feb. There is a old saying that winter would set in during Deepavali and would end on Sivaratri day. During winter we can see the people wearing different types of clothes to safeguard themselves from the chilly weather and during evenings, having hot snacks like Mirchi or Aloo Bhajji is the customary during winters. And I do not like summer and rainy seasons for their extreme conditions as we are forced to stay indoor when there is severe heat wave or stormy raining for days together.
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    March-April and October-November are transition periods from one season to the other and therefore generally severe climatic conditions are not encountered during such periods. In the northern cities like Delhi, Lucknow and Jaipur etc. certain periods of both the summers and winters are severe causing greater challenges to cope up with.
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    For me in Kerala, I like winter season most, because in the Summer season the temperatures increases and it is very difficult to travel at these times. One gets dehydrated or will get a sunburn if we tend to go out at these times. In winter it makes us comfortable to go around and have fun with the family.
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    In my place the weather is not so extreme like n other parts of the country.
    But by and by the weather is becoming erratic and unpredictable.

    I like winter in comparison to Summer and Monsoon.

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    Man often wants what is not in his hand, in the hot summer we wish for rains and when it's winter we wish for sunshine. I like the early summer which would be similar to spring, this is the time the weather and mood are good, the flowers bloom, the trees have rich foliage etc. It's the time when we shrug off the effects of the winter lethargy. People who have lived abroad in UK and parts of USA would hate winter because it would be dark when you leave in the morning by 7-7:30 am and it would get dark soon by 5:00-5:30 pm.

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    Whenever any of the above goes intensified I looking for a change. Anyone would agree with me.

    Seasons have been created with its own use & remains good till this doesn't get interference. Means, as the summer season approach, is a harvest time when the farmers would cut their crops to prepare them for storage or to sell. Now suppose in between there is a rain. then what will happen to the crops. There will a huge loss in the form of damages done with the untimely rain. We have witnessed through various channels that in the states like the Maharastra, M.P., & Punjab that the farmers couldn't harvest & their crops were damaged.

    In the same way, other seasons have their own importance. But due to factors like the pollution & the demographic changes resulting in the loss of forest & the agricultural areas we have a huge uncertainty of the coming seasonal variations. So far we have been luck but the coming generations won't be in the coming fifty years or more.

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    I like most the monsoon season as there is greenery everywhere. You can eat the different type of fried food to enjoy the season. I live in the suburban area and there are a lot of spots to visit in the monsoon and you can see a natural beauty all around. Gandhi Sagar Dam is only 35 Km away from my town and we eagerly wait for the monsoon season for the opening of the gates of Gandhi Sagar Dam. In monsoon season we enjoy the boating in Ringwall the famous place of Rampura.
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    I feel winter is the real season to enjoy the nature. The cool and clear breeze of winter months brings a unique freshness to us.

    Enjoying sun in a winter morning is the pleasant experience. Taking a leisurely walk in a winter afternoon is an unforgettable event.

    It is true that winter requires proper protective clothing to safeguard ourselves from the bitter cold. Still it is the best season to enjoy nature.

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