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    Are we really modernised?

    In what way we can refer to ourselves as being modernized? Technologically & with infrastructure we may have advanced, but we still cling to old type beliefs and superstitions!

    The human civilization has progressed from primitive dwelling to modern urban living and due to the scientific and technological advancements the present generation believes that we are modernised.

    If we scrutinize the present social status, we find that as per the materialistic progress we may feel ourselves modernised but the fact is that we are still following our old conceptions and superstitions in the same way as our old generations did. Our faith in religion and religious leaders is intact. The clergymen misleading the masses are still working overtime.

    I do not think we are modernised in real sense. What is your opinion?
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    We cannot compare modernisation with scientific advancement on the one hand and Religious sentiments following on the other hand. While scientific advancement are the requirement of the mass and hence new things are innovated and found. But when it comes to religious sentiments and following we cannot under mine the rich culture and tradition being followed since eras. And faith on our holy religion is not considered as bad, but when we belittle other religions and highlight one religion is the problem where one would receive nice dressing down. What I feel that modernisation should not interfere religious feelings. When the TTD proposed to have conveyor belt laid inside the Srivari temple at Tirumala, for the speedy darshan of devotees, the Agama Shastra Pandits have refused permission and thus the proposal was scuttled.
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    It takes centuries in getting totally transformed. To begin with only a segment of society gets changed and the remaining percentages changes gradually in phases. Nowadays we can see girls wearing jeans visiting temples during shivratri or such other festivals for offering 'jal'. Earlier it was beyond imagination that women in such attire will visit temple for offering prayer.

    In developed countries, atheism is taking over. People's visits to places of worship is gradually declining though due to increase in population, the net crowd at such places may look more.

    Modernity doesn't mean abandoning religion and spirituality. However, modernisation is taking place in such domain also. Now we can offer online puja and donations.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Is it modernisation means forgetting the religion. A religion is away of life. It teaches us the ethics of life and how we will be in a correct path. Modernisation is making life easy and better to live in. Earlier we may be wearing watch to know the time but these days we don't require a watch our cell phone will tell us the time. Earlier to go to a temple we may be going by a cycle and today we may be going by a scooter. This is modernisation. But the fundamentals and basics of life ethics and good manners should not be forgotten at any time. I think I am able to make my point clear with this example.
    A modern man also have to have values in his life. Let us not think that modernisation means not following the religion or religious activities.

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    Having good physical comforts and facilities does not mean that we are modernised.

    The real modernisation comes with clean and clear thinking about our beliefs and other postulation in our family and not to adhere to superstitions and false concepts.

    Unfortunately the human mind is still very backward when it comes to superstitions and untrue beliefs. We talk but we are not cosmopolitan in our behaviour. We are having prejudiced notions and due to this many times we also suffer.

    Some communities are so rigid and orthodox that the whole humanity and human race is suffering from their false and foolish beliefs.

    Knowledge is power.

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    For me the "Modernization" refers to the attributes that reflect through the personality of an individual. This can also be referred to the extent on which we allow ourselves to the acceptance of the latest of the commodities or the technologies available to us. Adding, that the reflection of our behavior is also the essential part when we define "Modernization" which is a non physical entity.

    So in the above context our senses & tastes continues to change along with what to wear & how to wear, continuing with what we are carrying at our home like the TV or the LCD or the computers etc. The list is long.

    With the improvisations of the commodities around us, our original trend also continuous to change making an impact on our life style. The same is the case with others also.

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