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    What are the means to earns prestige in the society?

    The humans carve for prestige in society. Therefore, the question arises as to how we can earn prestige. To begin with, let us try to understand if only power earns prestige.

    Generally, the wealthy people in the society attain prestige barring few exception when the wealth is accumulated through dubious means like in the case of a criminal. Therefore money is said to be a type of power.

    Many people get prestige because of their knowledge which is also said to be a kind of power. People having positions like an IAS officer, minister, MLA, MP etc. also have power and therefore seen with awe by the common people at large.

    Can prestige be earned? What are the means to earns prestige in the society? Is power, the most obvious means to earn prestige?
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    Prestige can be earned through living in simplicity, prestige can be earned when care the others the most than the self, prestige can be earned when you forgo your share and give it to others, And prestige can be earned by doing lots of social services and giving donations. But above all if a person does some work without even expecting anything in return, he earns the prestige with whole heart. In Hyderabad there is person who looks for orphaned dead bodies and does the cremation at his own expenses. I was really moved by his gestures and he never boasted of his yeoman services so far.
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    A man with wealth can earn prestige in his locality. But a person who is a scholar and who does service to the society by doing good inventions can earn prestige wherever he goes. He will be respected any where he goes. A Telugu scholar by name Chaganti Koteswara Rao Garu who is a very good orator and who gives pravachanams all over Andhra Pradesh and Telangana is very famous and have prestige all over the state. Again people with power will have the prestige as long as they are in that particular power. A political leader at have prestige in the area where he is having popularity. A surpunch of a village will have prestige in his village and villages around his place. But if he just visits State Capital he may not have any prestige there. Some people never care for the prestige or respect but they go on continue their services to the society without expecting any thing in return.
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    In earlier days prestige used to be earned. But the situation has changed drastically. Nowadays, prestige is automatically bestowed on the persons who are born with golden spoon in their mouth. They automatically get power, prestige and money. But I still have grave doubt whether such people can hold such prestigious position in the society for a long period without doing anything on their own.
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    #630913 - Vijay Mallya, Lalit Modi and now Nirav Modi are typical example of persons who despite being wealthy, could not retain their prestige. On the other hand persons like Baba Amte, Mother Teresa and Vinoba Bhave have earned prestige which is hard to ignore for ages to come.
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    Many people run behind prestige, some even think that by spreading money around, they can buy prestige. But this is not true prestige. Similarly, a prestige that comes with being in power is just another name for fear that people have, one the politician or the officer is out of the post, people wouldn't care about such people.

    But true prestige is that one earns over a period of time by carefully using the resources and connections in hand to help others, people in a locality, a town etc. Helping people with day to day problems, helping to get schools, places of faith, care homes, food programs etc, up and running to help the needy. Such acts of service done over a period of time, often over a couple or more generations earn prestige from people, a true prestige that comes out of goodwill and respect and not fears.

    A simple example would be the boards on the SUVs from villages (ZP member, Ex-MLA, Ex-Chairman), all this would be helpful is getting some attention or prestige in the village, but the same vehicle in the city would mean nothing more apart from getting a quicker parking space.

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    Prestige is generated through noble deeds and uncorrupt practices for the upliftment of poor. It can not be gained by distributing grain or blanket during election time.

    Money can only get temporary respect out of the selfishness of the recipient of the benefits but long time respect or prestige will not be gained by this.

    So earning prestige requires sacrifice, service and selfless contribution to society.

    Knowledge is power.

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    In the current society what matters most is the money. The author will also agree with this.

    Next big thing is the "Status". We are so mean that we only obliged for anything which brings us some advantage & so we are just moving around to these. In the current discussion we are concern with the term "Prestige" but among many beings how many that we still remember. In fact, for me, there is no such list till I google it. Although a number of individuals are shared in the "Facebook" but we don't even bother to learn about those. Take an another example wherein we have the news of some famous celebrity or of business family. Doesn't matter that these got the attractions.

    In the above comments we only could manage to list few.

    So how come "Prestige" ?

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    We should not confuse being famous with having prestige e.g. Hitler may be famous (or infamous) but he has not earned prestige. The same applies in case of few contemporary political leaders also e.g. Lalu Ji.
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    I have observed that the money is the important thing to get prestige in the society but only for a temporary period of time. If you want to get permanent prestige in the society there are many factors like how much time you provide for social welfare? Do you ready to help the other person in the society? Your good manners and your behaviour are the main factors to get permanent prestige in the society. You must be a social person for getting prestige in the society.
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