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    Can I just get a simple pizza please?

    Once with the utmost of enthusiasm, I called up Pizza helpline number to order a pizza as it had been a long time since I had one.
    A very courteous sounding gentleman picked up the phone and started taking the order. I was happy as I thought that within two minutes I would be able to order my pizza. But soon what followed seemed like CBI interrogation to me.

    Sir, may I know your full name, contact no and complete address.

    I gave all the details, happily.

    Ok Sir, what would you like to order? Would you like to try out our newly introduced variety?

    I shook my head as I was very clear on what I wanted to have. Two "country special" medium veg pizzas, I said.

    Fine Sir. May I know whether you would like extra cheese?

    No, I said feeling bit puzzled as to why is he asking this when I did not mention anything?

    Ok, Sir. What kind of crust you would prefer, soft medium or hard?

    Well, I didn't have any idea and unwillingly I had to ask him what did he mean by that? I finally asked him to make it as default one.

    Sir, would you like to have some extra topping of grated vegetables?

    Now I held my head as it was getting close to 10 minutes and I was not able to order a Pizza yet.
    Little annoyed I told him, why are you asking for so many options, can't you just give me a normal pizza?

    Sorry, Sir. Whatever add-on options we ask are charged separately above the pizza cost, so we have to ask the customer.

    Then I told him that just give me your default pizza in "Country Special" so that no cost gets added to it.

    Ok, Sir, thank you for your order.

    Finally, I was able to order a pizza, but I realized that my pizza knowledge was very poor.

    I thought, Does ordering a pizza take this long? Why can't they provide me a simple normal pizza without creating so much complexity?

    These days eating outside has become complex and also requires knowledge. At times simple people struggle in skimming through and understanding the menu card of the restaurant.
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    For that matter, the Indian dishes are far better than the Italian dish Pizza. A simple Masala Dosa is great enough to enjoy and eat. There are many Dosa varieties. There are many stuffed parotas which are delicious. I love Aloo Parota. I have it with curd,sugar and pickle. There is no match to it. I name it as Indian pizza.

    Sorry, you had to struggle hard for ten good minutes to order a pizza.

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    I would say that the author was inexperienced in handling such type of situations. Practice makes one perfect. By continuing ordering pizza repeatedly over a period of time, the author is likely to get trained. Also doing yoga and meditation regularly is likely to ease out tension while ordering a simple pizza.

    I think full contact details are asked for the very first time only. Subsequently the customer is automatically identified whilevcalling using the registered phone number.

    It appears that in the instant case, the person taking order was also a novice.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Generally these things like ordering Pizza online is handled by my sons. So I have no experience in these matter. I am more a fan of South Indian dishes like dosa, idli, vada and Buzzi. I order for these items when I go to restaurants. These days it has become a common practice to ask for mobile numbers to store their dats in their data base and whenever we call then by knowing the phone number they will take out our details instead of asking the same details every time.
    Another aspect is, after taking the order , the delivery guy to reach our house will call minimum two to three times . This is an usual practice.

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    Yes, I do agree that eating outside has become complex and also requires knowledge. I always like the taste of Indian varieties of food compared to European or Chinese food. India provides many many varieties of vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods to fully satisfy my taste buds.
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    What I feel, this happens especially when we try to reach out to the customer care, for any kind of help. The best way to order pizza would be to order online: Just get in there and select the ones that you want to order. I also eat pizza a lot, and I follow the same procedure, you will get your favorite flavour that you want. You can even order any drinks if you need it.
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    The intent behind this thread is not to just highlight difficulties in pizza ordering process which is what most of the members have interpreted. It rather intends to reflect that in contrast to earlier days, a lot of complexity has entered into food business as far as the number of varieties of food and different permutations and combinations is concerned. For a simple person who does not eat outside much may face difficulties in understanding the stuff and order the food nowadays.

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    First of all eating Pizza must be avoided as far as possible due to health problems later. And if at all one wants to taste, better to go for the stall near by and have the one of your liking.
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    I do not think this is original content. I have read this somewhere, either on WhatsApp/FB or in the print media.
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    This pizza thread by the author, reminds me of my thread sometime back Our Poor Old Grandpa!.

    Modern life has become too complex, even poor water comes in various types ( enriched, mineral, different fruit flavored etc). At times, I wish it would be like good old days of 5-6 items on the menu and not 5-10 choices in each item. Tea and coffee have also not been able to escape the complexities.

    Part of this trend is the commercial aspect of marketing, to project a picture that the brand is doing a very complex dish, going the extra mile for the customer and hidden among all this is money. There would be an extra charger for extra cheese, extra topping, extra dips etc.

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    Vandana - I have created my own content based on my feelings and somewhat related to little similar experience I had in past. In case there is something similar already available in social networking sites or print media then it might be just a coincidence.

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    I would say, just chill & enjoy the menu. The author says that its quiet a while that a Pizza had been ordered by him so next time won't face such queries.

    May be the coming time would even be more fascinating in the goods & the services industry.

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