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    Is there any alternative or remedy to Smoking Cigarettes or Drinking Alcohol?

    What are the best possible alternatives to smoking or drinking alcohol? What are your suggestions of substitutes to minimize or fully stop such habits?

    So much stress is there everywhere. We human being deal with so many situations in our day to day life. We struggle and work hard for a better living or to maintain the kind of living we have. Many are employed, many run businesses, some look after the house and children. To perform our daily duties we are always on our toe. That is the way of life. We need to earn for a living. Some people are satisfied with whatever wages they get but some want more. People have different types of preferences.

    Many a times we observe that when you are in a job that fetches a good amount of money, it attracts you to a lifestyle where you might start smoking or drinking. We know that smoking and drinking alcohol is injurious to health. People are educated enough but are so stressed out that they find it difficult to keep away from these habits. Some people only smoke but doesn't drink. They say it is okay if we consume the same in limits. How sure are they about this ? Have they consulted a doctor for such addiction which risks their health? I believe people who smoke or drink only will know how these things benefit them. What I have heard is that these are having harmful chemicals which can damage our lungs and liver and risk our life.

    It is generally seen that women are mostly away or are not prone to addiction and they want to keep their friends and family members away from this kind of addictions. Sometimes it happens that if a person is addicted he himself wants to come out of it but finds it very difficult .

    Can there be a substitute for such habits or can any remedy minimize their intake? Has anyone of you personally undergone such situations or found out real remedies to such problems? When we check on the internet we may find long lists of solutions, but I am looking out for a real experience where we have observed this personally. Can you suggest a remedy or a solution?
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    What I feel that if one has the will power and determination to desist from smoking and drinking , he can do that voluntarily without taking any cue or any suggestion or advice from others. Smoking and drinking has been induced out of habit and liking to experience the same. Many has been initiated to smoking at the young age out of curiosity or at the influence of the friends. But when you can induced to smoke, you can be induced to reduce or desist from smoking , but again the behaviour of persons depend. Likewise when you are introduced to drinks, the same cannot be stopped or desisted suddenly. Stop going to parties, stop mingling with the friends who are serious drinkers and never bring the thought of drinking to the mind. I know it is difficult to leave the habit, but a earnest try can be made and that should have self dicipline.
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    I've learnt from my friends that forsaking drinks is a lot easier than forsaking cigarettes. It's quite often that cigarettes substitutes other addictions. Cigarettes are cheaper, available in quantities, satisfying and can be experienced throughout the day at intervals.

    Alcohol can be easily forsaken. Unless you have a condition that is.
    Add a pinch of salt on your tongue whenever you feel urge to smoke.
    21 days. Is all you need to curb that addiction.
    Use nicotex gum. It stops smoking urge.

    Alcohol though requires rehabilitation if an addiction develops.

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    There can never be a justification for vices like smoking and drinking. These habits are totally wasteful activities as besides having adverse health effect, they cost also. The drinkers or smokers have to incur monthly expenditure regularly which may run in several hundred to several thousands of rupees.

    Even the governments never dare to take extreme step of banning manufacture and sale of tobacco and alcoholic products as these products are sources of earning profit for few individual and also sources for collection of tax revenue.

    Quitting these vices is very difficult but not impossible. Many people quit on the strength of their will power. Only a firm determination is required. Few people quit after encountering life threatening medical conditions like a heart attack etc.

    I used to drink, smoke and consume tobacco mixed with pan masala in the past, but since last two years I have totally quit it for rest of my life.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Drinking will spoil the health of individual and make the individual's family bankrupt. But smoking will spoil the health of the smoker, his family members and the people around. Once a person is habituated to these it is very difficult to stop. Prevention is always better than cure.
    But if a person is really want to quit, it may not be difficult. Once you make a determination and set our mind we can come out of these problems. I know a person who was a chain smoker.But once he had an argument with one of his friends regarding difficulties in stopping these habits. He said that he will stop it and he tried slowly and in a matter of 4 months he stopped smoking and he never touched again.
    It is an indication that nothing is impossible. Only the determination of the individual is very important. I never had the taste of these habits.

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    We often see in films and advertisements that Smoking or Drinking Alcohol is injurious to health. We often do not follow any of these in our life. We can see that if we face a small problem in our family, we are not able to face the pressure and it often leads to Alcohol or Smoking cigarettes. One needs to have self-determination and belief in their family life and it can be stopped with help of a counselor who can help you to stop having Alcohol. Smoking cigarettes often cause lung cancer and also it will be worse if we smoke cigarettes in large amounts. Nicotex is the best gum which helps to overcome the smoking habits within 6 weeks.
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    ' but I am looking out for a real experience where we have observed this personally. Can you suggest a remedy or a solution?

    I don't indulge in both, but I think the author would be wrong by hoping to hear about true experiences. Very few would accept that they are chronic smokers or alcoholics at such interactive sites. The few who do will do so, in the hope of helping others by giving hope.

    Serious people in need of help can approach Alcohol anonymous ( At such places, people are encouraged to come out with their addiction openly and seek help or be applauded at how they were able to give up alcohol addiction. Apart from this professional help is also available in premier institutions and private hospitals.

    Similarly, there are de-addiction help centers for smokers too (

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    One of the most difficult thing in our life is to get rid of our addictions whether it is smoking or drinking.

    When you try to get rid of the addiction, your body presents a great degree of resistance and reluctance for the change and it is seen that after a small gap of time people once again fall trap to that vice.

    It is believed that the solution lies in diversion of mind to creative activities. It is easier to said than practice as diverting the mind to noble and good deeds is still a more difficult proportion. What is the solution then?

    The solution lies in tranquility of mind which can be obtained through meditation and concentration. Once the mind is under control the wisdom takes over and can differentiate between good and bad. Until unless mind is tuned to greater heights, it is difficult to correct the physical vices.

    So the task of correction is difficult but not impossible. The positive and creative thinking will induce the necessary determination and will power in the individual to fight against these bad habits.

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    I haven't yet gone through such habit but still I would say that nothing is impossible. Switching to a cup of herbal tea whenever we usually have a cigarette. The act of brewing the tea and slowing sipping it as it cools will provide the same stress relief as a hit of nicotine.

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    The smoking and drinking alcohol is harmful to the health and I think there is no any alternatives for these things. If you want to stop smoking and drinking alcohol, the most important thing is your willpower. You can contact pscycahrtist for his help. Some rehabilitation centres also help in preventing or stopping smoking and drinking habit.
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