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    Is ignorance truly a bliss?

    In terms of medical problems, is it better not to know too much? Share your views whether ignorance in such cases is better.

    There is an old saying in English language - 'Ignorance is bliss'. In simple terms, it means that in case one is not aware about the problems, he/she will not have to worry for the same. This saying suddenly flashed in my mind on reading about various medical reasons for feeling lightheadedness or giddiness etc. It was mentioned that a drop in blood pressure or heart rate may cause lightheadedness and one may faint or 'pass out' also in such cases.

    Earlier, we used to simply come to know about the sad demise of persons of old age. But nowadays, often the cause of the death like 'massive heart attack', 'brain stroke' or 'kidney failure' etc. are also mentioned along with the bad news of death. Does it make any difference? Is detailed knowledge of medical causes of death helpful for a common man?

    In this context, let us discuss if ignorance is truly a bliss?
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    As we progress with advance with technology, the lives of the human beings are also changing with new diseases coming to the fore. Never we heard about the fact that some died with a reason or so. We always refer to age as the main factor of death. But when a death of the youth or middle aged person occurs we feel sorry and try to know the reason for early death. Hence people are habituated to say the reason for death. Now a days even ordinary fever which is not attended and taken lightly could cause the death. Over eating can also cause the death due to chocking of wind pipes etc.
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    Really ignorance is a bliss. These days when we go to a doctor and he writes something on the prescription. We start searching in the internet and read something. The moment we read we start worrying. When these facilities are not there we never know the details we simply go by Doctor's words.
    Not knowing anything is OK. If we know everything is also OK. But half knowledge is very dangerous. Once we were travelling to Kakinada by car from Hyderabad. I know the route completely. But my sons wanted to take the help of Google maps and travel by shortest routes. Google maps suggested a different route. I have been advising them but they ignored. So finally we have gone by google, in between the road for about 10 Kams as such a state that if any vehicle in the opposite direction there is no scope for crossing over and only three wheels are on the ground. This incident proved that ignorance is a bliss.

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    Live of Human beings are at risk with advancement in the technology field. Most of them die due to small problems which are not taken care properly. Most of them don't have a healthy lifestyle and they have busy scheduled work which makes them exposed to more major problems. Even small fever is dangerous in our current situation as we can see that amount of patients are increasing in India due to small problems. We often look into the profile of a person, if he or she is a celebrity and if a normal man dies due to heart attack, we often do not even think of it.
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    Many people avoid getting their blood sugar tested despite having initial symptoms of diabetes simply because they don't wish to get it confirmed medically. They say that on getting confirmed after test, it will become a lifelong problem to take medicines and manage it.
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    Ignorance is bliss, applies to certain situations, like the person in the position of a sacrificial lamb, when the end is inevitable, there's little point in knowing how it comes. With respect to the context of detailed knowledge of the medical cause of death. This does not and should not apply here. Ignorance should never exist around the cause of death for medical and legal reasons.

    Sadly, if one passes away due to a massive heart attack, it is crucial to know about it and the associated conditions, so that the siblings and children can be aware and get evaluated for the same so that early treatment, lifestyle changes can be put in place. Similarly, if one at a relatively young age succumbs to an ovarian or a breast cancer, the sisters and daughters etc can be screened regularly to pick up such occurrences at an early age.

    Hence, Ignorance is far from a bliss, it's more like a golden chance squandered as far as the medical cause of death and the common man is concerned.

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    Not practical that while we got married leading to increase in our responsibilities, adding to future planning of the resources as well as planning for retirement. Simply not possible. Our expenses are huge while the resources are limited. We can't just being some one who is ignorant of the fact as well as the realities of life.

    Our life is not balanced. Adding that our life style has changed a lot. Rather than being on the nutrition side we prefer the fast food. The air that we intake in our body is also polluted & through water purifiers what we drink is missing of essential minerals, the vegetables that we cook is having pesticides inside. All these lead to a weaker body more prone to hazardous attacks.

    This is a harsh truth which can't be denied but to be on the reality side that we have to live with these. The time is like never before but getting more competitive that either the MNC's or the individual, both need to work hard in order to survive. And with this we face extreme pressure resulting in the did-functioning of the essential organs leading to undue occurring of the 'massive heart attack', 'brain stroke' or 'kidney failure' etc.

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