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    What is the age limit for group 1 and 2 exams?

    I wanted to know the age limit for groups exams and also civils exams. Where can i downlod the complete syllabus for groups exams? When will they announce next groups notification? Will they announce for every 2 years or every year?
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    Do you mean to say state subordinate services in group I and II? Please make your question a bit more clear.

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    What is ''group'' in Indian Civil Services examination? The eligibility condition is uniform in respect of all Services which are included in the Indian Civil Services examination.
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    The civil services of the Central Government are classified into four groups i.e. Group `A' Group `B', Group `C' and Group `D'. They are sometimes described as Class-I, Class-II, Class-III and Class-IV services also.

    By Group 1 and Group 2 services , the author perhaps mean the Group A and Group B services.

    Recruitment to the Group A and Group B posts in the central government is done by the Union Public Service Commission and that of the state governments by the respective State Public Service Commission.

    The author may visit the website of the respective service commissions for full details.

    However, it is stated that recruitment to the said posts is done through competitive examinations which are quite challenging.

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    Group jobs may be the services in state government. They classify them as Group 1, Group2, Group3 and Group4. The civil services are the posts in Central Government.
    The age limits for all these posts will be mentioned in the respective websites. So the author can refer their respective websites to know the age limits and other details.

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    I think we should wait for the author to be more specific in the query/ modify the thread, we can help out with relevant replies.

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    I mean Group 1 and 2 exams (Appsc) .. I don't know how to edit or modify a thread after posting it.. so I am posting another question with modifications every time.. pls ans to my question and also let me know how to edit a posted thread..

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    Sandhya - See on the left grey colour strip where 'Points' are written below your name. There you can see the 'Edit' button. Click on 'Edit' button which will open your content in an editable box. Edit it and then submit it again.
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    I already tried to click edit button.. ok leave it.. I think that's not possible from my mobile.. pls answer to my actual question.. so that i will be able to know Appsc exams age limit and duration of notifications

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