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    Feel Sorry for Rahul Gandhi on being mocked in social media for his ignorance on NCC ?

    The Congress must urgently arrange tutor for Rahul Gandhi to familiarise with what is happening in the country, about various schemes of government to students and the benefits thereof. When a NCC Cadet Sanjana Singh posed him with a question as to what the government could offer for a NCC C certificate holder, Rahul pleaded ignorance about the fact of NCC itself and that has stunned all the audience and NCC cadets in particular and thus received lots of brick bats comments on social media. I am also feeling sorry for his ignorance.
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    Mohan, please do not distort facts for creating a sensation. What Rahul Gandhi told was not that he was not aware of NCC but that he was not aware of the details about NCC training or its certification process. While it may be accepted that he should be knowing about such organizations but then I think we need to appreciate him for being honest in admitting a fact. Trolls and criticisms in the social media need not be taken seriously. Rahul Gandhi should have expected this kind of questions and should have gone prepared so that such embarrassing situation could have been avoided.
    'It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it'. - Aristotle.

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    NCC? It is a very tough thing for Rahul-ji to comprehend. Sometime I wonder about which subject(s) Rahul-ji has some knowledge.
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    Saji my point was when he aspiring to become PM of this country, he should know all details , at least where is going to participate and speak.
    K Mohan
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    Rahul Gandhi has attained a status of being made butt of a joke. At the same time he himself has become a mascot of jokes like 'Santa' 'Banta' . On the pattern of 'Sardar Ji' jokes circulated earlier, nowadays 'Rahul Gandhi' jokes are being circulated and enjoyed by the people of India.

    He is perhaps incorrigible but at the same time nobody can stop him from becoming the Prime Minister of India one day. Such is the power of democracy and power of vote of a two legged animal called a voter.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Many Indians including the politicians doesn't know the expansion of the word NCC. You cannot expect every politicians to be master of all the subjects. If Rahul has admitted the fact that he was not aware of the certification process, we should appreciate him. He will learn it through his secretary.
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    When an important meeting he is attending he should way gone prepared. However not knowing NCC full form is not a crime. These days social has become an easily available Dias for all to present what ever they think. These days we are seeing many such postings on all politicians including Naredra, our PM.
    It is true that the Indiandemocratic voter's thinking is not predictable and anything is possible in this country.
    Another doubt I have is many people who are posting on this social sites may not even vote in the elections. So we need not wonder if Rahul Gandhi or Mamayya Benerjee become PM one day..

    always confident

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    The fact that Rahul Gandhi has to go long way to conquer the heart of the people. No doubt, he speaks fine before the audience and this is certainly the overriding priority to be a successful leader.
    It is not that he is not aware of the full form of NCC but he had to know the details of the same organisation prior to appearance in any public - meeting . Indian - public is expecting him the be much mature in all the scene and he has to fulfil the expectation of the common man so that he can be a successful leader in the coming time.

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    Rahul Gandhi needs to go far beyond for getting Prime Minister Post in India. He needs to compete with Big parties like BJP to tackle the situation and he needs to stand by people who need help in our country. Gradually things will change in 2019 elections. He needs to be more prepared when he is attending a meeting or making a speech to a big crowd. In the 2014 elections, we have seen that the Congress party was not able to get the majority of people to hear their speech. Rahul Gandhi has the potential to become the PM and he will acquire this hot seat in the coming years.
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    Rahul Gandhi has to learn from our Prime Minister Narendra Modi who never takes any questions. Talk whatever you want to and get away.
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    In the same session, a school-going kid from Mysuru asked a question on caste-based preferential treatment given to some students in Karnata, Rahul-ji was totally at sea and passed over the question to the Chief Minister of Karnataka. He can't even answer the simplest questions.
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    I bet, GST is still not understood fully by many parliamentarians across the board including Rahul Gandhi and few BJP ministers also because of its complexity. Sonia Gandhi still reads written speeches only.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    There is no problem to read even written speeches, but when one tries to portray ignorance, it is the shame figure for the political system and the party he represents.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I fully agree with Saji Ganesh to create sensation in social media some people are bringing such stories. Mr.Rahul didn't tell that he don't know about NCC but the way of its functioning he may not fully aware off. Those who are talking funnily about Mr.Rahul please see what Mr.Modi is talking in his speeches in these funny vedios and just laugh:-

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    In this thread, we are discussing about Shri Rahul Gandhi. Isn't it dangerous that a top political leader of our country, who aspires to become the Prime Minister, doesn't know about National Cadet Corps? Why are we unnecessarily bringing the Prime Minister in this thread? Does creating controversy put the ignorance of Shri Gandhi under the carpet?

    Furthermore, don't unnecessary and irrelevant links cause negative points? Just asking.

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    Ramakrishna your submission is uncalled for. Please respond to the topic and do not try to deviate.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The question asked by a girl was on the benefits that Rahul Gandhi would like to be extended to the NCC cadets who have cleared 'C' certificate examination. It is a question specifically to the benefits for the candidates with "C" certificate. It is such a trivial one which should not be asked. I can understand a school girl asking such a question but not the comments of the members who say Rahul Gandhi does not know about it. Rahul Gandhi not knowing about NCC "C" certificate is not a big deal and comments ridiculing him are not worthy. Let us not be like the news channels which want to create news where there is none and sensationalise it. Being frank is nothing wrong only being naive is.
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    I also agree with the view of Mr.Sun that Every politician is not a master of everything. Mr.Kailash what he said is also true that many of the politicians including BJP politicians may not have complete knowledge about the GST system. So many CM's and PM's depends upon their personal secretaries or their office personnel's to get the clarifications about things. On that basis can we say that they have poor knowledge in administration.
    Politicians also human beings. Knowingly and unknowingly they also make mistakes in their speeches. Citing these mistakes in social media to humiliate some individuals is uncalled for. Some members wrote Rahul didn't know full form of NCC. Mr. Kailash and Mr.Sun also compared Mr.Rahul and other politicians. I have given links to elucidate such funny mistakes also happen unknowingly in politicians speeches but I didn't gave hyperlinks to the sites. Do you think while we are talking about certain persons we should not talk about any other which is in relation to the topic in discussion? I don't think so such a rule is there in ISC.

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    In some cases, making mistakes and being ridiculed by all and sundry are becoming the rule and norms. Everywhere he is being ridiculed. Even in foreign countries, everybody is catching his bluff. Last month in Singapore, Prof. Prosenjit Kumar Basu and another gentleman ridiculed his knowledge (or lack of it).
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    Recently, at a library opening function in Mysore, school students asked the present royal couple many questions, including will you send your son to a government school or a private school?

    So, public figures or leaders attending public meetings need to be aware of the issues with being in the spotlight. While it gives media presence and free publicity, it can also put one in an embarrassing spot. With the widespread use of social media, the public gets to hear all about the goof-ups, the silly answers within no time.

    There should be someone like a PRO or a PA who should update the leaders about all the relevant details about a place, a person etc while interacting at public functions. Such leaders should develop the art of thinking on the feet, evading a question or diverting attention etc. If all this cannot be used, then they can be honest and quickly move on.

    Leaders, celebrities being trolled in social media, will continue, it is collateral damage related to current media coverage of an event or launch or party meeting.

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    We have been coming across bloopers from Rahul many a times. What we seek that let him do some home work before attending such meets where is likely to be grilled.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    #631092: I am very happy that you have a long memory and brought Prof. P.K Basu into this discussion. I do not know whether you have gone through the entire discussion between them. I wish the members go through it completely and comment. It will clearly show how Prof. Basu wanted to put Rahul in a spot for reasons best known to him and how it ended with Rahul countering him in a very clear and confident manner. The press is very partisan. Recently one of our members raised a thread based on a fake quote which was used to glorify Mr. Modi. I wish the members to use their judgment by going through the news not from one source but from multiple sources and come to an opinion before commenting.
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    ''It will clearly show how Prof. Basu wanted to put Rahul in a spot for reasons best known to him and how it ended with Rahul countering him in a very clear and confident manner. ''-Most probably the Member has watched the doctored video circulated by the Congress party. I am fortunate to see the entire undoctored video of the entire Question-Answer session. Not only Prof. Basu, another gentleman also ridiculed Rahul-ji for his failure to mention Khadi Gramodyog Bhawan.

    I immediately raised a thread about the entire Question-Answer session, but, expectedly, it was deleted by an Editor, the reason is known to all.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Provide me the URL of the undoctored video. From what I have seen, Prof. Basu was targetting the Nehru family alone. I do not know why? Let us have a detailed discussion after you provide the URL of the video.
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    Let us ignore Rahul Gandhi for the time being in this thread. Think about the girl who has asked the question about the benefits of the C certificate holder during the course of NCC training at the college. Hope some of us can enlighten on this point as it would be helpful for the members of this Educational portal. Otherwise, there won't be a difference between a WhatsApp comment and an ISC thread.

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    The link is given below as desired by Mr. KVRR:-

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    How can we ignore Rahul Gandhi when the thread is about him. We are discussing him because he is the President of the Congress party and an aspirant for the Prime Ministership of India. This is educative and not like a Whatsapp message. Allow the discussion to continue.
    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    Why to feel sorry for Rahul Gandhi?

    He is not meant for public speeches.

    I would request the author as well as the readers to watch the interview of Rahul Gandhi with Arnab Goswami, wherein he was asked about the that time existing Inflation scenario but was replying for women empowerment. He was so looking dumb so in the current topic & in the mean time . The biggest problem with him is that he is surrounded by the workers & the leaders who are not bold enough to say to him in his face.

    He always made fun of himself & truly speaking the wastage of time.

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    #631116: I have seen the video as per the URL provided. I have seen the other video by the Congress party also. The video uploaded by the Congress party is an edited one but not doctored. I am limiting myself to the part where Prof. Basu questioned Rahul Gandhi. The question in itself proves the bias against the Nehru family as the Professor limited his question to Nehru family era. After the question was asked, Rahul Gandhi immediately asked him for his hypothesis for the question. Mr. Basu instead of giving any facts to support his statement sidestepped by saying it was he who asked Rahul the question. He also said it was in his book and asked Rahul to read it. Rahul did not fall into the trap of Mr. Basu. When the moderator asked Rahul whether to skip that question, Rahul wanted to continue and asked Mr. Basu whether he accepts that India is a success today? Mr. Basu replied that yes but only after your family relinquished the power. This clearly indicates the persons bias against the Nehru family. While repeating the question, Mr. Basu jumped from per capita income to life expectancy. This is the characteristic of a person who does not have any valid reasoning behind what he says. Evading nature. When Rahul asked Mr. Basu whether he feels that Rahul Gandhi has nothing to do with the Indian political scene from 2004, Mr. Basu did not reply. Contrary to what is being spread in the media, Rahul Gandhi did well in the circumstances where the person asking him the question is hostile to him.
    Now coming to this person Mr. Prasenjit K Basu, he is a supporter of the BJP and RSS as I suspected. His tweets on his Twitter account and his writings in specific websites clearly indicate his bias to the BJP and RSS. One thing he made sure in that meeting. He canvassed for his book and might have got good orders from like-minded people.
    Regarding Rahul Gandhi's ignorance about NCC and "C" certificate is acceptable as we cannot expect him or anyone to know everything. He was at least frank in accepting the fact.

    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    When ISC asks us to stick to the topic and discuss then why some members wants to deviate.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Prof. Basu did elaborate his question in the video. He gave a comparison of India just after independence and Africa and stated that India is even below Africa. So, during the tenure of Nehri and Ms. Indira Gandhi, the GDP growth rate of India should have been much better. Rahul-ji didn't even a single argument to answer the question. He went on asking whether Prof. Basu believed in India's growth or not. Prof. Basu replied that India's growth story began after the Nehru-Gandhi family. Then Rahul-ji again stated that he (Rahul-ji) was not in power after 2004. What do these meaningless sentences mean?

    Prof. Basu has come to the limelight only after this Question-Answer session, and that too, because of his Twitter spat with a lady journalist (about which I wrote in my deleted post). He is a Professor in Singapore and never takes part in Indian internal politics. He is not a part of or sympathizer of RSS.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    #631156, there is no deviation as of now. The topic is not Rahul Gandhi but his so called ignorance about NCC. And in that context bringing in our knowledgeable PM (who knows everything) to the discussion is not irrelevant.
    'It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it'. - Aristotle.

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