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    Should we take off shoes inside the house?

    Japan is the most famous country with the tradition of taking off shoes while entering the house which has extended to even restaurants, working places and schools. China, Korea and Taiwan also have such traditions. Also, in most parts of India, this tradition is observed though it is now waning gradually.

    Scientific studies have proved that we carry all sort of germs inside house by not removing shoes at the doorstep. The next best alternative may be to thoroughly wipe the shoes on the doormat kept near entrance for the purpose.

    Should we take off shoes inside the house?
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    It is best to leave our footwear outside because it will be having germs and bacterias which cause harmful for the people leaving in the house. Our home will also be neat if we follow this practice.
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    Surely. Take off the shoes. Shoes have grids on some for gripping which house sand and in turn tons of bacteria.
    If not pathogens, shoes carry dirt. Dirtying our house isn't something we want right.
    Japan's houses are made of wood. Indian houses too were made of wood in ancient times. In that case your wearing or not wearing a shoe don't affect much.
    But today's tiles are smooth and can accumulate dirt and germs.

    Use two types of shoes. One for indoors. One for outside. That would do.
    Win win for all.

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    It is always advisable to leave the shoes or footwear which we use for roaming outside, before entering to the house. If you want to use slippers in the house also you can have a separate pair. If the same it is used outside and inside or we keep the footwear in the house it will create unhygienic atmosphere in the house. A lot of grit and dust will enter into the house. At the same time there is a chance of various germs and bacteria to enter into the house.
    Actually this is the practice followed by many people in villages also. Even I remember that there are some people who never used to enter into the kitchen with the clothes they used for roaming outside. Even today many people will change the clothes as soon as they enter into the house. These are all the practices preached by our elders keeping the health of the people in mind.

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    Should we take off shoes inside the house?
    Yes we should remove the shoes/ chapples outside the house and enter bare footed inside the house. When we come from outside , a lot of dust, dirt and harmful germs are on the shoes. They spread inside the house and make it dirty and hygienic. We should use different set of chapples inside the house and you should not enter into toilets with that. Keep another set for toilet purpose. This habit will promote cleanliness and hygiene.

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    There is no doubt in this matter. Inside the house the shoes or chapels are not generally used. If at all one want to use, separate pairs are to be used.
    Actually this issue has to be thought just in the opposite manner. When we go out we are to use shoes, because we have to walk through different roads or other pathways. We do not know what sort of dirts are there on the way. If we do not use shoes we walk over all these dirts, which is not healthy.
    Naturally when we return and enter home we take off our shoes such that the dirts carried by the shoes are not taken in. It is a healthy practice.


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    What I feel that if the shoes are worn for outside , the same should not be brought in, inside the house. There are every chance of getting bacteria and other things inside the house. By the way we are habituated to walk bare foot inside the house and that is necessary too. At least for that reason we would keep the feet on the ground. If the feet does not touch the ground, the connection with earth is lost and hence we are confronted with diseases. And those who walks with slippers in the house are having the risk of falling on ground even with little chance of skidding. So better not to wear shoes or slippers inside the house.
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    In our villages, we enter into the house only after washing our feet. For this purpose, a vessel preferably a Hunda filled with water and a Chembu(Jug) to take water will be kept outside the house. Whether the person walks with a barefoot or with a foot wear, they need to wash their leg thoroughly.

    A home is like a temple which is kept clean 24x7, and its sanctity should be maintained by not wearing foot wears inside the home.

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    Shoes, footwear carry us through all sorts of places with dirt and rubbish (spit, decaying material, animal and human waste), that includes items used for thwarting the evil eye (vermilion smeared lemons, offerings etc). We inadvertently step on all these and carry remnants all the way home on the bottom of our shoes.

    Home is something that is precious, clean and full of positive engery with idols or images of Gods of our faith placed everywhere. So, when we come home we leave the footwear to the side of the doorstep.

    We do not want to carry all the rubbish, infective material and the negative energy into the very place we live, we eat and we pray in. If needed, we have to keep one set of footwear separately within the house and another for external use. In many villages, people are excepted to leave the shoes and slippers well away from the main door, it would annoy the elders even if you leave the slippers in front of the main door.

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    If your shoes are clean & you got different set not being used outside & if you really need this then you can wear. There shouldn't not be any objection to this.

    I personally use a separate set meant only for internal purpose. like in winter season to keep ourselves safe from cold floor we are using.

    As I feel the overall objective of doing this is to keep the home clean.

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    #631119 - I think content of this post is not related to this thread.
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