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    India Slips to 133rd position in World Happiness Index.

    Last year our Happiness Index was at 122, and now we have slipped 11 positions and reached the 133rd position which is far below than other neighbor countries. Pakistan ranked at 75, Nepal ranked at 101, Bhutan ranked at 97, Bangladesh at 115 and SriLanka at 116 positions. Even China is at 86th Position. In India day by day, we don't have proper job security and people tend to have stress in life which causes a major problem in life. What is your Opinion about happiness level in India? Are you comfortable with the way you work? Share your views.
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    Madhya Pradesh is a BJP ruled state in India having a population of about 7 crores. In the year 2016, a department of happiness was created in the state with an objective of ensuring happiness and tolerance of its citizens.

    Sri Lal Singh Arya was appointed as the first minister of happiness in India. He was heading five other departments, including aviation, general administration and welfare of scheduled castes and tribes at that time.

    According to news reports published in November 2017, he was a suspect in the murder of an opposition politician in 2009 and a court had ordered his arrest.

    The above example amply illustrates as to why India ranks low in happiness index.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Indians are more greedy. There is no contentment in majority of people. They always want to be better than their neighbours. They don't bother about family or friends. They want to make as much money as possible thinking that they can purchase happiness from money. They are going away from parents and other relations in a pursuit to earn more and more money. A person who never feel contended will never have happiness.
    The people should have satisfaction in their life style and not to think of more and more earnings. They should never think of accumulating higher amounts of money. Then happiness levels will increase.
    We all should be having satisfaction with our position in our life by comparing with the people who are in a lower level than us but not get dissatisfied by comparing the people who are richer than us.
    Then Indian rank will go to better position.

    always confident

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    By the way when our wants are never ending, wants things which are not required, interfere in those affairs to which we are not the party at all, getting under employment and lesser salary, income not commensurate with monthly fixed expenses are all leading to unhappy situation in every home. And those who are seems to happy with good money and living are confronted with strange diseases and in stroke they shell lots of money to the hospitals. So for the poor there is no money, and for the rich they are disturbed with diseases. Therefore happiness index would further jump in the years to come.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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