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    Ramanavami is celebrated today

    Lord Rama's birthday is celebrated as Ramanavami in all parts of our country. Even wo donot worship Rama as God we should give respect and follow his characters in our life for betterment.
    1.Rama is an example for 'giving respect to father's and elders words'
    2.When Guha helped Rama,Sita and Lakshmana to cross the Ganges, Rama offered sita's jewel as fees for service. Guha refused to accept that by saying both you and me doing same service, it is unjust ti accept this. Astonished Lakshmana asked explanation. Guha replied, 'I am helping people to cross Ganges but Rama helps people to cross this world of ocean, bhavasaagar'.
    3.During the war Rama killed Kara, Dhushsn and other demons,escaped Akambanan rushed to Ravanan and intimated this. Ravanan asked how he Akambanan could escape from Rama. Akambanan told,'I took a guise of woman, so that Rama didn't noticed me as his special character of not seeing any lady other than Sita'.

    From the character of RAMA we should learn for a disciplined life.
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    Ayodhya is said to be the birth place of Rama and whenever we talk about Ayodhya, the issue of Ram Mandir automatically comes to our mind.

    What would have happened, had the Rama as a King, the Maryada Purushottsm himself had to take a decision in the Babri Masjid dispute case?

    I have read somewhere that 'a person who follows maryadas of his time is called maryada purush. But a person who goes beyond that, and breaks the existing maryada solely for the sake of humanity and nation building, is called maryada purushottam'.

    Rama had gone beyond maryadas on many occasions in the larger interest of human welfare and propriety e.g. while ordering Sita to undergo agni pariksha or killing Bali to let his friend Sugriva get justice.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    On the auspicious occasion of Ram Navami, I wish everyone a very peaceful and prosperous future. We must take a pledge to make this pious land a true 'Ram Rajya'.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    In Telangana the Agama Shastra Pandits have decided to celebrate the festival on 26th March and hence tomorrow only the temples like Bhadrachallam and in other places the festivals are being planned in grand manner. However being Ashtami and Navami falls today, the house holds have celebrated and that includes in our home. On this occasion I extend Sri Rama Navami greetings to one all. May you get lots of inspiration from the ways and life of Lord Rama who stood to the principle, respecting his father, his father's advise and finally gone to exile leaving his dynasty and others.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Happy to say that yesterday, Rama Navami was celebrated in our area without much of noise or fanfare but with true spirit of sharing, after the pooja, we have many people giving out food packets near temples and street corners apart from the refreshments provided by the local party people.

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    Ramo vigrahan Dharma. If dharma takes a shape of a man it is Rama. In his words and deeds Rama proved what is dharma. When he heard about Kakai's words even before his father asked him, Rama decided to go to forest. That is the respect he got for his father.Either yesterday or today we are celebrating this Sita kalyanam . we should learn from him how to live and what are the priorities
    always confident

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