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    In villages temple bell is the time keeper for them

    In many villages across India and especially in South India, big temple bells are used to denote the exact time of the day and thus the villagers does wore a watch to know the timings. Most of the big temples would use these temple bells on hourly basis and the main aim of those striking of bells is to know the exact pooja rituals inside the temple and for the villagers it acts a time keeper every day. Temple bells are large in size and there are particular persons trained to operate it. Sound of the temple bells can be heard far off.

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    It is the practice even today in our villages to people to know the timing by hearing the temple bells.Exactly at 5AM the first bell followed by devotional songs indicate the time to get up. At 12.00 Noon temple bell indicates lunch time and again at 6 PM temple bell reminds the time to go for a walk in the evening. These activities in temple will be indicating the works what we have to fo.
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    The temple bells apart from acting as clocks for alerting the people about time, play other important roles also.

    1. It is said that when bells are rung in the temples, a vibration is created in the atmosphere which spreads far with the wind and clean the surroundings by affecting particles and even insects within the range.

    2. Bells are believed to be the symbol of 'Kaal'. According to Hindu dharma shastra, on the day of destruction, sounds of millions of bells will be heard,

    3. When temple bells are rung in a specific rthym, the Gods residing in the temple wake up and the wishes of the devottees are fulfilled soon.

    Every morning and evening aarti takes place in temples and at that time apart from ringing smaller bells, larger bells hung within temple premises are also rung.

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    I remember when I was at my grandma's place ,we used to get to hear the sound of temple bells. Temple bells rung for the prayer alarms us of the timing because it is a ritual to perform Aartis (prayers) at particular timings .One in the morning and one in the evening .The kids run towards temple after hearing the bell as after the completion of Aarti they get Prasad. Also kids are so fond of reciting the Aarti at temple and also of ringing the bells which are hanged upside tong of which is tied by a rope .The sound creates positive energy when get incorporated with claps , Aartis and devotion of people present .

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