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    More than politics India is dependent on Economy. 2014 election was a year to decide our future

    Do you think India is dependent on politics or the economy? Did the previous general elections help decide the future of the country?

    More than politics India is dependent on Economy. 2014 election was a year to decide what our future will be. A slogan of "change and parivartan" was what brought NDA in power but the same card is being used of casteism and secularism.
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    Yes NDA came to power with that great slogan and for the first time BJP has been bestowed with single largest majority on their own and thus formed the government. Just four years has happened so far and in that period major decisions have been taken and the results of which are yet to come in open. One thing was seen with this NDA government, that BJP has the guts to deal with any subject firmly. And I am referring to Pakistan too. If next election is won by BJP, a sure shot response from PM Modi against the Pakistan is on cards. So we have to elect a performing government and not those playing caste politics.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The year 2014 is now a passe and the year 2019 is in the offing as far as the general elections are concerned. Now new slogans will be coined to win the epic battle for forming the second consecutive government of Narendra Modi.

    There is nothing surprising that the opposition parties have started negative criticism of the ruling party as a part of preparatory exercise for next election. It always happens so but finally the voters decide as to which political party will rule India.

    Modi should not be underestimated. We have yet to see as to what he has up in his sleeves.

    We should better wait and watch.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Stagnant growth was the reason NDA came into power. 2019 election may be a battle between so called Hardcore Hindutva and so called secularism. Which so ever the party would be the one who uses Jumla or the one who is fearing of loosing of democracy,
    Instead of investment in educational sectors, healthcare and rural service that could create new jobs, there will be the usual waving of farmers' loans as and muddle headed, leaky welfare programmes. The policies that caused millions of Indians to remain mired in poverty ,illeteracy and misery will continue.

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    The year, 2014 was the period when India wanted a change, the NDA has been doing its job, if not to the full extent. There have been changes in the way India is perceived globally and within Asia. Unfortunately, the parties and its leaders in power have to deal with infighting, hidden agendas of the other parties, in this bargain, little time is left for actual good work. The economy needs to have a sustained development. Currently, whichever party comes to power, I don't mind but all I wish is that they steer clear of caste-based politics and appeasement schemes.
    What India needs is, to have concrete plans for getting out of the banking mess, come down hard on corruption, focus on the job and healthcare sector. This would be a good start for the country, in some ways, we are going back to the stage in which we were in 2014!

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    I do not agree at all with the statement or guess by the author that Hindutva and secularism will be the core issue. It will be other matters only.

    The voters in this country have their own mind and they know what is the core matter to be taken to assess and evaluate a ruling government and what to expect from the opposition. It was the continuous and monotonous stereotype to blame Modi for the Gujarat riots and tarnish him that brought him as the PM of this country. The continuous harping of anti-Modi tirade only backfired on Congress. So if they again try to bring the stale subject, then that will again hit them badly. They know it well. That is why Rahul Gandhi has suddenly started visiting Hindu Temples, Hindu Mutts etc after doing whatever possible anti-Hindu, till now.

    Voters of this country are also intelligent and alert to identify the hidden external and internal interest to bring unrest and chaos in the country by causing misunderstanding among people thru rumours and publishing wrong news and suppressing facts.

    The question for 2019 will be:
    1. How far the NDA government fulfilled the promises it made to the people during 2014 elections.
    2. Did the NDA government go off track from their promises and did more to the rich, corporate and business rather than the poor and middle class.
    3. In comparison with the earlier UPA governments, ho better are we after 2014.

    It is very clear that doing benami business, fake dealings, tax evasion, dummy activities using fake identities etc are becoming more and more difficult. So all those vested interests who were thriving on these and doing their handiwork causing discord in this country as naturally angry and they are now using ways to tarnish the name of the central government , creating a false sense and appearance that the NDA govt is going to lose in 2019.

    This gets strength from the fact that the government a centre is not able to convince the ordinary people about all the good work it has done so far. But their hurried and impatient actions which help the big- business and the corporate has caused doubt in the minds of ordinary people.

    Their big promise about black money has started boomeranging on them. It is very clear that the NDA government shows more haste and urgency in getting bills passed against the working class & agriculturists but only helping the corporate and big business.

    I think this will be the main matter that will be going to hit the NDA in 2019 elections.

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    The Government was changed in 2014 due to rampant corruption, indecision, dilly-dallying in sanctioning projects and various other undesirable activities some of which are coming out even today. The present Government has been trying its best to change the negative effects of its predecessor, but it is not always successful due to short-sighted opposition politicians, self-serving and anti-national journalists and various other class with a negative mindset. These groups want the return of the previous regime for obvious reasons.

    But even now, common people are favouring the current regime. This is my personal observation.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I don't know as to how my response #631028 got reposted as #631042 on its own. Editors may consider taking appropriate action.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    These are the things in my opinion that may turn against BJP government and people may give a different verdict in the next General Election:-
    1. Demonetization and GST are the two experiments done by BJP government in order to make people believe they are doing out of box things than Congress which lead their experiments a failure. All the media without any exception described these experiments as failure. PM himself in ZEE TV interview lamented "'Don't judge me on demonetisation and GST'" means we can understand how these experiments boom ranged for BJP.
    2. BJP party's social engineering to create vote bank for them for years and years together in India is a myth according to my opinion. India is a country where many religions exist together with no enmity between them for ancient times onwards. Previously BJP party tried to create vote bank through Hindutva plank of constructing Ram Temple. Now a days they are not talking much about it because it don't bring any votes for them on that issue in present situation. Only RSS and VHP like allies now and then shouting about it. A party which work on such social engineering like techniques cannot withstand much stance in Indian population in my opinion.
    3. BJP completely failed in the promises of bringing back all the corrupt money from foreign banks within 100 days of their rule and creation of million jobs in every year for youth.
    4. The life of farmers has reached to a grave situation where they are not able to sustain their inputs due to poor policies followed by successive governments. The procession of lakhs of farmers on roads and dharnas at Parliament house is a true reflection of the situation.
    5. Regarding corruption, there is no difference between BJP and Congress government. PNB like scams day by day coming out and these scams worth 1000's of crores. People are not seeing any firm action taken by Finance ministry or the government to bring some ordinance in the parliament. During demonetization time itself, the government notable to stop the corrupt practices followed by bank authorities in currency exchange program. These will clearly indicate the people the corruption practices not at all decreased in India.
    6. BJP talk a lot about control of Cross Boarder terrorism to zero level but it increased many many folds in BJP rule as clearly visualized by media and common man.
    7. BJP is no more different party than Congress in Capturing power through false means like in Goa, Manipur, Nagaland, Meghalaya etc. and capturing extra Rajya Sabha seats through manipulation work are in the eyes of people.
    8. BJP party, Mr.Modi Mr.Amit Shah entirely concentrating their whole time in capturing power starting from Center level to Corporation and Panchayat level without thinking about the problems and welfare of people. People have never seen such power mongering and power hungry party like BJP.

    So in my opinion all these points work against BJP in the next election.

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    Even if people forget other issues and vote on Hindutva vs. Secularism, this would help BJP because people have now understood the dirty game of other political parties of dividing Hindus on the basis of caste and consolidating minority vote bank using religious leaders and controversial minority leaders. The terrible condition in J&K, West Bengal, Assam and Kerala would further unite Hindus in an unprecedented manner.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    We have seen strong wave of Mr.Modi even in a State like A.P. of South India in the last General elections. But now no where in South India people are talking about Mr.Modi or Gujrat Model. But in fact people of South Indian States turning against BJP rule at the center. In high blowing Modi's wave only BJP is able to muster 282 seats on its own but now the trend is reversing. With biggest aliens partners like TDP, Shiv Sena leaving and still some more smaller partner parties not interested to stay with BJP, with increasing anti incumbency within four years of BJP ruled states like Rajasthan, M.P., U.P, Chattisghar, as well as in Bihar and Gujarat will make BJP to repeat the same stint in 2014 election is impossible. The smaller states what it gained recently will only provide 5 to 6 Parliament seats at the cost of loss of many seats in the above states. Even though it is too early to predict results as of now but in my opinion a Hung Parliament or a weak Coalition government formed by opposition parties is at stakes.

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    I just cannot understand as to why the people wants the progress report of this government visavis its promises and performance. First of all some big promises made cannot be achieved in short span of one term. Secondly during the long terms of Congress previously they did made tall promises like Hum Do hamare do, Roti Kapda aur Makaan, I fear every body forgotten these tall promises made by Indira Gandhi and later carry forwarded by Rajiv Gandhi. And I believe , even Congress party has forgotten its own promise. And how come Modi was insisted to prove his performance on his very first term. Give him the free hand with overwhelming majority again in second term and see his working which would baffle even the economists who were having apprehensions about this government policies and programs which may harm future.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The so-called secular intellectuals are full of hatred against the present Prime Minister. And some of the common people are being affected by the propaganda of these so-called intellectuals. Fortunately, most of the people don't get affected by anti-Modi propaganda. They judge the issue on their own.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    #631084: The secular, liberal and intellectuals are not happy with the Government. The non-secular, narrow-minded and self-centric people are happy with the government. The elections are just twelve months away and people will vote for the party they want to rule them. Instead of trading charges, it is better to wait for one year. In a way, one year may be too short or too long a time in politics. Anything may happen during this time to change the fortunes of the political parties. Let us wait and see.
    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    Who is trading charges? This particular thread is trading charges. Some Members may want to answer the charges made in this thread.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    There is no point in blindly favouring one government over another.

    We have to logically and analytically see the difference of governance between the two and find out which one is performing better.

    If the present government is performing better and governance is improved then only we must stand up above the religion and pronouns proudly that this government is functioning better than the earlier.

    No government can eradicate corruption from public life in a small time and it will take years together to weed out the corrupt practices which have accumulated in our system for so many decades.

    The success of the government also depends on the cooperation it gets from its citizens and the government can only be successful to meet its objective when the citizens understand its objectives and corporate it in getting the corrupt people behind the bars.

    An honest man on the top cannot change the system without the positive support of others.

    If we cannot collectively make this objective of our nation building then we will not be able to say that present government is better than the earlier and rather we will be forced to utter that the earlier government was worse than the present one.

    The choice is ours and let us give this government a chance by giving our wholehearted support towards nation building.

    Please remember, if they deceive us, they will also face the same miserable fate as that of their predecessors.

    Knowledge is power.

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    2014 has gone and everybody is looking at 2019 For a common voter caste or religion is never a factor but it is brought into picture by the politicians only. Majority of educated people never go for caste based voting. Only some people basing on the advise of their bosses may go for it.
    Another important factor everybody should note is running a rail which is on track is easy. But bringing an off track train again on track is a difficult process and can't be done over night.
    In combined AP Naidu tried his best to make the state very progressive. But voters not elected him for the next period. The result need not be elaborated. I hope the Indian voters will never do the similar mistake in national elections.

    always confident

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