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    Die Glocke- The Nazi Bell.

    Nazis putforth and laid bare every weapon I their arsenal and every tactic in the book. But Nazi occult weapons are a lesser studied mystery. Nazis tried everything from invoking Satan to creating a time travelling bell.
    Die Glocke, a bell shaped time travelling machine, which has two cylinders which on filled by a mercury-like fuel would levitate and rotate itself to past or future.
    The claims of such an intriguing machine date back all the way to 60s. Polish and Czech governments approve of the bell's existence too. The scientists who originally worked over that project were all dead.

    Guess we'll never know the truth then. We have the ruins of where Die Glocke stood. We have what looks like a blueprint to an anti-gravity propulsion device. We have claims of peasants of South America who saw a glowing object appear and disappear above their village.
    We all know about the stories of Hitler taking refuge in Argentina right? Argentinean old men speak of a day when Hitler descended from Die Glocke in the 1960s and settled in the caves of Andes.
    Now that meant that "The Bell" worked and Hitler somehow duping his suicide travelled into future and landed in Argentina.

    These ideas are gaining mass appeal from conspiracy theorists but there is no evidence.
    Some even say that "The Bell" was a cooking tower.
    What is Die Glocke? We'll never know.
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    I am of the opinion that for the first time many of us came to know the Die Glocke, a bell shaped time travelling machine of Nazis and the author has to be appreciated for bringing this informative thread connecting to TOM.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    This is nothing but a rumour. Adolf Eichmann, a prime member of Nazi party, was arrested from Argentina and brought to Israel in 1960-61. He was extensively interrogated but did not say anything about this mysterious bell. Rudolf Hess, who died in captivity in 987 after serving more than 45 years in a British jail, also did not say anything about this bell.

    So, we must also forget Die Glocke. Let the rumour die peacefully.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Die Glocke was a rumoured top secret pinnacle of the Nazi Wunderwaffe war effort. There is no proof of this. British author Nick Cook presented the story of the Nazi Bell. It indicates that this a story but not a fact.
    always confident

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