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    Are we biased in our judgement?

    We take many decisions in our life depending on the circumstances and other factors. We also pronounce judgements to our dependents or followers or subordinates on case to case basis.

    Our judgements are based on our experience, knowledge and wisdom. They are supposed to be impartial and should also be supporting and honouring the individuality of a person in the society.

    Everyone may not be so able and wise to give good and unbiased judgements. Some people inherently suffer from caste, creed, richness and other considerations and it reflects in their judgement. They are prejudiced and biased in their mi ds.

    Can such people take an unprejudiced decision or give unbiased judgement?
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    I think even courts can err while giving judgements. Why I am saying this with confidence because, there is a set of court from lower level to upper level and even International court of justice. That means if the judgement is erred, the person can go from lower court to high court, then supreme court. So the law is also giving benefit of doubts on judgement which may vary according to the judges, the circumstances, the political pressure and more than that the case itself. Therefore judgements are bound to be biased and it all depends on the persons whether to accept or go for further courts.
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    No, we should not expect to have only unbiased judgements always primarily bacause we are human beings and therefore fallible. It is said that to err is human i.e. it is natural for humans to err. Often human factors like emotions and sentiments affect the judgements.

    The whole story of epic Mahabharata revolves around wrong descisions taken by Dhritirashtra because of his attachment to his son Duryodhana. The descision taken by such a learned person like Ravana for abducting Sita due to his infatuation toward her because of human weaknesses, led to his annihilation.

    Taking into consideration above mentioned examples, it becomes clear that there is nothing surprising in case a common man makes a wrong judgement. As a matter of fact almost all judgements made by average persons are wrong because they are invariably influenced by personal biases and prejudices.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    That all depends on the individual. Some individuals will simply go by merits and demerits. They only look for facts and figures. Nothing will come into their mind when they go for judgement. In a movie NTR acted as a judge and a case has come for judgement against his son. He performed that situation very efficiently and in a real life the situation can't be faced by anyone.
    But many people go for a biased judgement in real life. Very few people can only go for a fact based judgement. Even when the teachers go for correction of answer sheets renumbering is carried out to avoid undue favours in valuation.
    But it is also better to go for unbiased judgement than biased judgement

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    I agree that we are often biased to the decisions.

    Our actions & decisions are centered around us only. We are so mean & self centered that for anything we always ready for bargaining, still looking for personal profits / gains rather then overall benefits.

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    Being human, it is natural that we will have our individual biases and our decisions will be accordingly affected.

    A prudent person will have a better judgement capacity than a common one and an experienced person like a judge of the court of law will have less biasing and prejudices. We can expect a better judgement from him.

    Theoretically speaking, we should not be biased at all in our observations and decisions.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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