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    How far we should listen to advices offered by others regarding treatment of medical conditions?

    In any social interactive session, a very good trigger to prolong discussions for killing time is to mention about one's medical condition like diabetes, knee pain, high blood pressure, cold and cough or such other common or age related ailments. The people in group will almost jump for offering unsolicited advice for doing this or that in a very dramatic manner vouchsafing for its efficacy.

    I have noticed that more advices are offered in case of incurable diseases like diabetes. Almost every person knows about something which certainly cures incurable diabetes.

    Have you also encountered similar situations? Up to what extent we should listen to advices offered by others for treating medical conditions?
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    As far as I am concerned I will go by the doctor's suggestions only. Health is a factor which is a topic which requires excellent understanding and proper follow up. We should never go toby the advices of other people. The body condition and requirements will vary from person to person. So a doctor who is well versed with your health is the best man to tell you properly. So we should not change our habits or medication based on unknown suggestions. Half knowledge is always dangerous. So I caution all to be very selective in this respective.
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    This is a very important matter which requires a good deal of discussion. The author has raised this thread in time.

    Nowadays even the common masses are aware of ailments and their common cures advised by the doctors. People talk of operations as if it was carried out before their eyes.

    The medical science has advanced tremendously and new medicines and operative procedures are being inducted very often. In this situation we should not be carried away with the ideas and experiences of others for our ailment and rather should consult the specialist concerned.

    Health is the most important and crucial matter in our life and we should not take any chance to loose it with casual and primitive knowledge of common people in medical matters.

    Knowledge is power.

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    The response is being posted because the query has been raised. So no one should have any objection to it.

    Adding, in response the people share their experiences & it's completely up to us to decide whether the same needs attention or else we can ignore it.

    It's good to have to go to a specialist or to a consultant for final advise. No one is perfect but still this could give us some idea about what it is & so accordingly we can define our path.

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    Yes when we are confronted with some rare diseases, the advises coming from relatives and friends are more. For example the skin rashes, or fungal infection on bodies are due to sweat residue and also wearing wet clothes and also due to summer heat the inner wears getting wet and thus having the skin allergy and problems. For this consulting a skin specialist is advised. But many would come forward to give Ayurvedic treatment advise from home. Some suggest for intake of some leafy juices and so on. It all depends on our eagerness to listen to others and follow the advise.
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    "It all depends on our eagerness to listen to others and follow the advice" by @Mohan is 100% correct.

    Even one is strong enough to follow and continue the treatment and procedures adopted by hospitals, the people around will give voluntary suggestions thinking always others are fools. Even people who would not have interacted much before would offer suggestion and advice as that is the only thing given freely.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    I agree with the author that in every group we are offered these type of advice free of cost. There is nothing wrong to listen to such types of advice. But before following this advice we should consult our family physician and he will guide you better. Also, remember we know our body better than other. So, dicide your selves wether we have to follow any advice or not.
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    We must listen to the advice of others, but judge the advice ourselves. If we think that the advice is good for us, only then we should follow the advice. The final judgment should be ours.
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    I have found that maximum number of free advices are offered for curing diabetes though the same is incurable. People recommend to eat various types of herbs, spices, leaves and what not after soaking them overnight and then eating/drinking the same in the morning. Most of such so called remedies prescribe bitter tasting substances only.
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    Such advise given by others should be taken with a pinch of salt. Unsolicited advise on medical conditions by patients or their relatives is like a double edged sword.

    Many conditions like chronic joint pains, chronic backache etc are managed well by genuine practitioners of both allopathic and alternative medicine. One might get a reference for such conditions that would be helpful.For instance, Vaidya Narayan Murthy,Narasipura,Shimoga provides free Ayurvedic treatment for many conditions including incurable cancers. People for all over the state and other parts queue up.There would be many such people providing good service in whatever means they can without much publicity.

    When we hear advise for enthusiastic people friends or relatives, we need to take it at face value understanding that the same results cannot be achieved in all, the effect of treatment varies from person to person and the disease too. We need to do our own homework, check the facts and then follow.

    Patients with chronic illnesses often have their hopes raised when someone says the disease can be cured easily. Here with the desire to get rid of the burden of taking medications or regular tests, people willing go and try out these suggestions. So, you can listen do verify before following such advises blindly.

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