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    A lovely unforgettable Bell event in a temple

    I have an interesting event to quote about the Bell in a temple.

    Once I and my good wife went to a temple in advance before the Pooja time. Until then, we thought of resting. While resting, we heard a bell sound. My wife got up and moved to the pooja room. She was stunned to see no pooja being performed. She came back and rested. Again we could hear a bell sound. My wife got up and reached the pooja room. Yet there was no pooja performed. Again, there was a bell sound. This time, I showed her an ice cream seller ringing the bell to call the attention of the buyers. She laughed and said,"Darling, why didn't you tell me first that it was not a temple bell ." I said," You did not give me time. You hurried to attend the pooja. I wanted to see your devotion to God through the bell." An unforgettable bell event in my life with my wife.

    @This is my entry for the TOW on Bell
    Did you have any such Bell event in your life where you have misunderstood or misguided by the bell?
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    A good story. Indeed the sound of a bell can produce different effect in the minds of different people. A devout person will think about Puja, an icecream-lover will think about ice cream. A shepherd may think about his sheep or goat from the same sound.
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    Wow laughter element brought in this nice thread connecting to the topic of the month. Some times we do get enjoyment on others uneasiness and urgency.
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    Good creation. When we hear a sound based on our mindset and mental status at that particular time we interpret the sound. Whenever I hear a gate opening sound I feel it is our gate. but my wife says that that sound is from neighbour's gate. As she stays in the house for more and sometimes she will be alone she will be more cautious and can recognise the sound correctly.
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    The ice cream vendor must be having a very special kind of bell to produce sounds just like a temple bell. Normally, in temples comparatively bigger bells are kept and used which produce more sonorous sound and are generally rung continuously during 'Aarati' etc. in contrast to the ice cream vendor who rings the bell differently to attract attention of the potential buyers.
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    Mr. KK,
    I do not know how the bells of temple and ice cream seller differs. But the tone of the bell was similar like a temple Aarthi bell. Hence, my good wife relaised it as a temple Aarthi bell. Probably, the ice cream seller must have bought the bell from the shop where the temple bell was bought. And the style of ringing the bell must have been copied by the ice cream seller from the poojari of the temple as he sells ice cream from the temple site. Who knows?

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    A nice story about a mistaken bell sound. The thread does narrate another fact of life for me. The bell sound to the mind of a pious God-fearing man triggers the vision of the temple bell ringing, the same sound to an atheist would trigger the visions of a ice cream or a Sohan papdi vendor on the streets. So, our preconceptions and beliefs make us more predictable and at the same time react differently to the same stimulus.

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